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Slam Dunk is an anime series in the Slam Dunk franchise
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Slam Dunk Reviewed by THEVAMPIRE on Feb. 8, 2011. THEVAMPIRE has written 4 reviews. His/her last review was for Taimanin Asagi. 7 out of 9 users recommend his reviews.
> Gang Fights and Basketball. A very unique combination, if you ask me. But Slam Dunk does it in such a way that it is pulled off flawlessly. Honestly, whatever Slam Dunk tries to do, it does it very well. When it’s trying to be funny, it’s pretty damn funny. When it’s showing off some serious stuff, it can get pretty ugly as well. But when it comes to basketball, Slam Dunk is really a surprise. They actually manage to make the games very suspenseful, and it has an attention to detail that gives it a sense of realism. You’d expect a lot of cool moves being thrown around, but there isn’t. Because, let’s face it, you rarely see all these fancy moves in a real basketball game.
 VERDICT: For me, Slam Dunk is in the same category as G Gundam. It’s one of those great anime that you can think back about many months from now and still think it’s some of the best anime you have ever seen. The music, atmosphere and supporting characters are all great too. Of course, it will be dismissed by many as a sports anime, but in my view this defines what a sports anime or manga should be like. One of the best, and least known anime out there, in my opinion.
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