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Skip Beat! is an anime series in the Skip Beat! franchise
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Erika Koenji

Erika, a rich young lady, considers her self a rival of Moko's, and will use any means to see that she beats Moko to any acting role.

Haruki Asami

Haruki is a producer at Sho Fuwa's label, Queen Records. She is also good friends with Hiroaki Ogata, the director of 'Dark Moon'.

Hikaru Ishibashi

One third of the idol group 'Bridge Rock'.

Hio Uesugi

A child co-star of Kanae Kotonami, who she has a run in with due to her problem with kids his age.

Hiroaki Ogata

Ogata is the young director of the tv series 'Dark Moon'. His real name is Hiroaki Date, but change it to distinguish himself from his father. He suffers from a bad inferiority complex with regards to his father famous director Hirotaka Date.

Hiroko Iizuka

The actress who played the part of 'Mio Hongo' twenty years ago in the original 'Tsukigomori'. And is now playing the part of mio's mother in Dark Moon.

Itsumi Momose

A young upcoming actress, who plays the lead in 'Dark Moon'.

Kanae Kotonami

Love Me Section member Number 2. Kyoko Mogami's best friend.

Kyoko Mogami

Kyoko is a sixteen year old girl was was scorned by her crush, who only wished to use her as labor. Bent on revenge she works toward the goal to beat him to the fame in show business he desired.

Lory Takarada

The eccentric president of the entertaiment agency 'LME'

Maria Takarada

Granddaughter of LME President Lory Takarada.

Mimori Nanokura

Young actress from the same agency as Sho Fuwa, who is acting in his PV alongside Kyoko. Due to her fawning over Sho she reminds Kyoko of her old self. Sho nick names her 'Pochi'.

Ren Tsuruga

Considered to be one of Japan's most popular actors.

Ruriko Matsunai

Ruriko is the petulant idol that hired kyoko for a love me section job as her helper, but her real aim was to totally crush kyoko. Kyoko challenges her to an acting contest.

Seiji Shingai

A famous young director. Considers himself 'Takarada clan member number 2'.

Shinichi Ishibashi

One third of idol trio 'Bridge Rock'.

Sho Fuwa

Childhood friend of Kyoko Mogami, who dumps her after becoming a famous singer. Is a bit of a jerk.

Shoko Aki

Shoko is the manager of Sho Fuwa.

Takenori Sawara

manages a department in LME.

Ushio Kurosaki

He is the director of the commercial that Kyoko and Moko audition for. Has a yakuza style of appearance.

Yukihito Yashiro

Yashiro Is the manager of actor Ren Tsuruga.

Yusei Ishibashi

One third of idol trio 'Bridge Rock'.

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