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This origin story continues in episode forty seven of Sket Dance. Allow me to debrief you on the latest episode, and afterwards be sure to give me your own opinions about it.

Episode 47: Happy Birthday Part 2
Summary: On Bossun's 15th birthday, he finds out the truth about his parents. Unable to cope with the tragedy, he lashes out, only to meet the child his father once saved when he was a kid, all grown up, who gives him a letter...
Air Date: Mar. 1, 2012 / Available on CrunchyRoll for Free Users: Mar. 8, 2012
Run Time: 24:19

Warning: This article contains spoilers. We suggest you watch the episode HERE first.


This episode is such an emotional roller coaster!. I don't even know where to begin... In the last episode, Bossun storms out of his house after finding out that his mother did not give birth to him, and his parents both died the same day in two different car accidents. A lot of information for a fifteen year-old to take in on his birthday. This episode focuses more on Bossun rather thanRyosuke, his father. I can't imagine what it must feel to suddenly find out you are really an orphan.

Bossun walks and walks for the whole day until he reaches the exact place where his father had been killed. There he is beat up by a group of delinquents after being provoked over a can. Shortly after, a young man helps him out, but to his surprise (and I'm pretty sure everyone else's) this man reveals himself as Taisuke --the kid who Ryosuke had saved before. Then, Taisuke tells Bossun that his father died saving him from being run over by a car. Ever since, every year, Taisuke would bring flowers to the place where Ryosuke died and live by his savior's last words:

Become strong, somebody who can offer a helping hand to people who are in trouble.
Defending Tsubaki
Defending Tsubaki

Ryosuke also gave Taisuke a gift for his wife, which now he could give to Bossun. There was a watch inside and a letter addressed to Haru. Bossun's reaction to that letter was pretty spot on. In his place I would probably react the same way, but when he finds a letter for him my reaction shifted. That scene plays on the heartstrings of the audience and Bossun. The eccentric, over-achieving leader of Sket-Dan didn't exist at that moment. It was nice to see the evolution of this selfish child become the young man who follows in his father's "helpful" footsteps. The best part is that during that transition, a young Sasuke Tsubaki gets involved.

"Maybe you didn&squot;t come out of me, but my best friend gave birth to you, my son."
"Maybe you didn't come out of me, but my best friend gave birth to you, my son."

During the present theme song Tsubaki plays a prominent role. Remember that scene where Tsubaki is crying? Also, how he is walking alongside his Kaimei Student Council comrades and he suddenly stops at a certain bridge? I now understand that both of those scenes allude to what happened in this episode. Just as Bossun finished reading his father's letter and was ready to give up on the idea of helping people, Sasuke is bullied by some delinquents. Just then, Bossuns helps out his future rival getting beat up himself too.

Bossun returns home to learn that Akane helped Haru to the hospital, and how she passed away giving birth to him. More sentiment is throw in there as Akane states that no matter her relation to him, Bossun is still her son. I am such a sucker for family drama. This episode involves so much of Bossun's identity crisis, and the legacy that Ryosuke left for him. You can't help but empathize for the main character, and at the same time root for what he will become. I don't think I'll be able to look at him the same way ever again. I enjoyed how Taisuke, pretty much, became a role model of what he could become. I really hope we get to see Taisuke again. This was incredibly good!


How do you top this?! This was a great origin story for Bossun, Akane and Tsubaki. You are heartless if you didn't like this story! When it comes to comedy, Sket Dance is the anime you need to watch. However, serious and fervid tones bode very well with this show. Now, I wonder what will happen in the next episode titled "Happy Re-birthday"...

PS. Thanks to Team W.I.K.I. Nation for their assistance.

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Awesome report, Geo! I love how you incorporate the quotes from the episode. You remind me to transfer them from the episode wiki page to the character wiki page.

Fate is a strange thing in Bossun's story. On Nov. 11, Taisuke visits the place where Ryosuke died hoping to make amends and possibly meet Ryosuke's offspring. Something tells me in Happy Rebirthday, there's more surprises in store for the fans.

Shoot, I need to write some trivia questions.


Favorite Moments:

  • Bossun protecting Sasuke and following his father's path
  • Akane's tearful scene when she realize how much Ryosuke and Haru's spirit (or personality) is left in Bossun.
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Oddly enough, I find this to be my favorite episode so far. It's really well done. Great write-up!

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@MisterSamMan: I think it's the same for me... Never before had an anime evoked so much emotion! Thanks.

@takashichea: Happy Re-birthday interests me. Is it possible the origin story has not been fully told?!

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Yep. I had a question about customs. In this episode, Ryosuke and Akane thank Bossun for being born. To me, it feels weird. Normally, I thank my mother for giving birth to me and taking care of me. I looked up online about Japanese customs dealing with birth and come up with nothing. Must be an anime thing.


Here are some trivia questions, folks! I used to write weekly reports for Sket Dance until Geo came back. He did a better job than me in that department.

Sorry for not making them challenging. Our wiki pages here on Anime Vice have all the answers. Beware of spoilers though because the origin story is not finished yet.

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Ep. 48's wiki page and images are done.

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@takashichea: Thank you.

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