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For forty five episodes Sket Dance has been one of my favorite anime series. Allow me to debrief you on the latest episode, and afterwards be sure to give me your own opinions about the episodes.

Episode 45: Whispering Onee-san's Instructor-son
Summary: J-son-sensei has another meeting with a prospective marriage partner, but this time the Sket-dan has a plan! Meanwhile, Onee-san is also asked out on a date! Everything goes completely smoothly with no mistakes or mishaps at all this week on Sket Dance!
Air Date: Feb. 16, 2012 / Available on CrunchyRoll for Free Users: Feb. 23, 2012
Run Time: 24:19

Warning: The article contains spoilers. We suggest you watch the episode HERE first.

J-son at His Omiai
J-son at His Omiai

Will the romance cease? Not in this episode since some of the Kaimei High School teachers decide to go on dates. Of course, Sket Dan is there to help them survive them. J-son senseicontinues on his search for true love, or at least someone who doesn't think he's hideous and will agree to marry him. He manages to go on another date but asks our main characters for help.Switch gives J-son an earpiece that will allow Hime and Bossun to tell their teacher what to say during the date. Of course, J-son confuses his student's orders and scares the woman across the restaurant's table. Failing, once again, to find true love.

Onee-san and Chuu-san
Onee-san and Chuu-san

The earpiece that J-son used was originally for Onee-san. In order to help her with her quirky manner of speaking in class, Switch suggested that someone should tell her what to say. Instead of resorting to Switched's tech, Remi really made an effort to not mess up while talking in class by practicing what she was going to say beforehand. After managing to not make mistakes for one full class, Chuu-san had the confidence to leave Onee-san in charge by herself. Since Sket Dan was fumigating their club room they took over Chuu-san's lab and hung out with Onee-san there. While in the lab together the teachers talk about dating. Chuu-san shows interest in his co-worker but is shut down when she mentions she is going on a date . Just then he also tells her he is going on a date. This bothers Onee-san forcing her to storm out.

Father and Daughter
Father and Daughter

By this point of the episode it is very obvious that the creators seem to be pushing Remi amd Tetsuji together. A perfect match in my opinion. Onee-san's date seems to turn into a success, even though her date carries around a bag for no reason. At the end of the date, a young guy trips over said bag and reveals that Remi's date has been filming up her skirt throughout the whole date. In disbelief, she scolds the guy for accusing her date of this. Then, he drinks, what looks like, a Coke and transforms into Chuu-san. The man Onee-san went out with was someone Chuu-san knew and he used his youth serum to reveal his perverted antics. Shortly after, Chuu-san's date arrives. The teacher is divorced and the young woman he had described to his co-worker was actually his daughter Suzu Chuuma.


To be honest, I could do without J-son. I enjoyed the first part of this episode, but the character itself doesn't appeal to me. I do find it weird that it seems like Reiko is interested in the man. Could it be that they will end up together once this occult girl graduates high school? Chuu-san on the other hand, to me, is a passive Kyouma Hououin, and I love Steins;Gate. Misora and Chuuma should be together, but I am weary of the future of this relationship. Sket Dance romances don't seem to last for more than one episode. Hopefully, these two will be the exception. I just have one question, why was Switch following them?

PS. Thanks to Team W.I.K.I. Nation for their assistance.

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Chuuma, Remi, and Suzu make a good family when I saw them holding hands. Switch is such a stalker.

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@takashichea: I still don't understand why was Switch following this family prospect?

Post by takashichea (15,903 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Switch is an Otaku who gathers information on people. Remember he got Hime's measurements in the first episode. I don't think he's going to blackmail Chuu-san with it. Switch loves anime and pop idols, but I don't know if he's into former TV hostesses.

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