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Sorry for the delay, I promise I am trying my best to catch up. While I do that, enjoy what I have to say about the 43rd episode of Sket Dance.

Episode 43: Bashful Girl
Summary: Himeko saves a first-year student, Jin, from some punks, and he falls head over heels for her. In order to get him to stop hounding her, Himeko tells Jin that she's already got a boyfriend... Bossun! Now all she has to do is prove it to him...
Air Date: Feb. 2, 2012 / Available on CrunchyRoll for Free Users: Feb. 9. 2012
Run Time: 24:19

Warning: This article contains spoilers. We recommend watching this episode HERE first.

Bossun and Hime hold hands
Bossun and Hime hold hands

There have been hints at Bossun and Himeko having feeling for each other previously in the series. In this love-themed episode both of these characters go on a date, without Bossun knowing about it. After saving Jin Kakiuchi from some thugs, Hime gets a very unpleasant request. Because a psychic told him that the love of his life would be blonde, Jin asks Hime out (and to marry him). To get out of saying yes, she tells him that she's dating Bossun. To prove to Jin that her lie is true, Hime tricks Bossun into going on a date with her; with Jin and Switchfollowing close behind.

Intended to be a Valentine's Day episode, this definitively had romantic intent even though it was only one-sided. Hime's growing feelings for Bossun were clear through her inner monologues. The best part was that in her own confusion Hime's feelings set stage for really good gags. This show has a large amount of supporting cast but it is nice to see the main characters spend a heavy amount of time in the spotlight. At the end of the day, Bossun finds out about his date ruining it in the process. This creates an uncomfortable situation for Hime (as if it wasn't enough already), and Jin. It seems that Bossun will never see Himeko as his romantic interest, but at least we now know there is "something there".


I understand that the creators can never actually pair up any of their three protagonist because the series would cease to provide the same level of comedy it has until now. Previous episodes have proven that this anime can take their characters into serious situations but stories that involve romantic relationships might be hard to tell. It would be interesting to see the anime's creators take a stab at romance though. Yet, if Bossun ever has a girlfriend I hope Ayano Sugisaki will come back to the show to fulfill that role.

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Nice report, Sora_thekey! Great choice for the main image. I was going for the meaning of the episode which didn't give much room to choose. That's an interesting comment about Ayano and Bossun's relationship. For Bossun, he has Roman, Momoka, Hime, and Ayano as potential love interests.

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Great report Sora! I've actually thought of Ayano and Bossun making a good couple if the creators of the anime ever did consider putting Bossun in a relationship. It would be a let-down for the Bossun X Hime fans though, but we'll have to see.

It would be funny if Hime ends up dating the guy who was trailing her :P

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@takashichea: No! Ayano has to be his love interest! (Roman and Momoka are just there for comedy relief. I explained in the article why Hime couldn't ever be his gf). I just really loved their interaction back in the Sketchbook Ep.

@KuroNekoXIII: Oh that would be funny! It would be funnier if by then Jin wouldn't want her... He would start chasing Momoka or someone else.

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@sora_thekey: Lol that would be funny! Especially if his choice to ditch her would be because of some fortune

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This episode really proved that Himeko has feelings for Bossun. I love this couple's fidgeting. Hahaha.

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