Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 55 - Mismatched Emotions & Origami Madness

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Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! This episode has one of the longest titles in Sket Dance anime series. Besides that, we got another episode with two stories that are all about Bossun who seems to get into trouble a lot.


Episode 55: The Man Who was Called Laughing on The Outside, but Origami on the Inside

In the first story, Bossun accidentally drinks Chuuma's drug that was in a cola bottle where it causes his emotions and facial expressions to become all mismatched. Later, Bossun displays his skills in making origami.

Can Bossun get his face and emotions fix and can he win the origami contest?


Beware of spoilers!


"Bored" to Tears
"Bored" to Tears
  • I love the Bossun's mismatched emotions, and when my little sister points out that Bossun's bored to tears, I was laughing hysterically.
  • Switch and Hime are great as well. I love their reactions especially Hime who freaks out and goes gaga over Bossun's origami bunny.
  • Origami madness: You got Bossun's cool origami, Switch's funny origami monkey, and Hime's crappy creations.


There's not much bad to stuff to report. Though, Saaya needs to get some new lines.

Overall, this episode is awesome and ridiculously funny. It's too bad that Bossun didn't win the contest due to his obsession in creating the best origami. It's strange that Bossun enters his concentration mode which he hasn't done that in a while.


We divided this gallery into two: Bossun's faces and origami. What is your favorite origami in this episode?

I picked this one because Switch's crappy drawings just made it funny.

Origami Hosuke
Origami Hosuke


Thank you everyone for reading my team's report and please give some recognition to my teammates for doing an excellent job in the wiki projects. They have been juggling school. I'm really grateful to work with them.

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Just finished watching this episode :D

Not sure if you guys noticed, but in the origami episode, Bossun's hat and sweatbands were made of origami as well :P

Look at his hat and goggles! :D
Look at his hat and goggles! :D
Take a look at his sweatbands on his wrists :P
Take a look at his sweatbands on his wrists :P
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Yeah, I love how Bossun became an Origami addict.

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