Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 51 - Happy to Meet You

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Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! Last week's episode is awesome, and if you are a Bossun or Hime fan, you'll love it more. This is probably the third episode that centers on the two characters, episode 37 and episode 43. It's pretty strange. Now, we need to discuss today's episode.


In the first story, Bossun and Sasuke team up to write a banner for the Chorus club while Hime, Switch, and the rest of the student council spy on their first brotherly activity. Later, Sasuke visits Bossun's family for dinner. Sasuke finds out what his real parents look like.

Can Bossun and Sasuke complete the Chorus Club banner and can they get along as brothers?



Sasuke almost got the Bossun look down
Sasuke almost got the Bossun look down
  • You got to love how Hime and Switch try make Sasuke look similar to Bossun.
  • It's interesting to see how Sasuke is so puzzled on how to play with robots. He had to have Bossun act it out for him.
  • One of the memorable moments is when Sasuke sees his parents for the first time. What is really great is that Bossun and Sasuke are warming up to each other. I love how the two struggle to get a picture of each other without Akane's help.


  • Despite that we get a snapshot of Bossun and Ryosuke for comparison, we didn't get a snapshot of Sasuke and Haru together.


Sket Dan's Face Lift
Sket Dan's Face Lift
  • Weird Faces: You got Sojiro and Shinba giving a suspicious smile, and the Sket Dan playing with tape on their faces. Bossun's bashful face is contagious. I love that Sasuke had that face during the Happy Rebirthday episode, and Rumi having it is so hilarious.
  • After the credits, I think Switch is a bit perverted in the episode preview. He says big boobed three times. Is that one of his fetishes besides pregnant and Moe women?

Overall, this episode is a great ending to the first year of Sket Dance with the ending credits showing a compilation of all the episodes with a bit of each opening song.

Daisy's Acronyms

It's Daisy Time!
It's Daisy Time!

These are Daisy's acronyms in this episode.

  • MWK: (Manma to WAni ni hamatta na, Kuuki-yame-o) means "You fell for it hook, line, and sinker, Get-with-the-prgra-man!"
  • BKK: (Buzama ni Kizu wo nameae, Kusomushidomo) means "Lick each other's wounds, worms.

What is your favorite Daisy's acronym?


Don't be shy!
Don't be shy!

Thank you guys for reading Sket Dance Wikia's weekly report. I thank my teammates here on Sket Dance Wikia and Anime Vice for supporting the communities. If you love Sket Dance, don't feel shy. Come and contribute!

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