Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 35 Enigman & Mask's Mysterious Powers

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Welcome to the 13th weekly article for Sket Dance! Before we get into the discussion about this episode, I wanted to apologize for the late reports, but my team and I are constantly busy with college and family. Our work on Anime Vice is always a hobby and remains a lower priority under family, work, and school. I know that we have that obligation.


First story: A new character, Enigman, steals Hime's Pelorin doll and tells SKET Dan that if they want it back, they must defeat him in his quiz game.

Second Story: Enigman has asked SKET Dan for help on a romantic issue, confessing to the girl of his dreams.

Will SKET Dan be successful in beating Enigman in his own game and will they succeed in their love quest to help Enigman get the gal of his dreams.

Let's get this party started!
Let's get this party started!

Since I don't have much time, I got a final in one hour from now. I took my summary from the wiki page of episode 35. It's cut and dry without the enthusiasm. Be sure to check out the image gallery for episode 35.

New Characters

1. Akitoshi Daimon

He's the man who lives by quizzing others, but he has a secret behind his mask.

2. Quettion

She's Enigman's lovely assistant. However, you have to look beyond her pretty looks.


Beware of spoilers!


  • For you Bossun fans, you get to see Bossun in his glory as he faces off Enigman's quizzes with his teammates. Sadly, he is their only savior.
  • Anime/Manga Difference: For you who have read the manga and compared, Switch has a role in the second story, and his absence is clearly explained in the anime version only.
  • Sket Dance helps on another quirky romance mission. Like all romance issues, will this one be successful? You'll get the shock of this episode. I won't give you any spoilers on that. You have to see the power of masks on these new characters.


I don't have much bad stuff, so I put down some probable perspectives. I don't mind the story or the fanservice even though Sket Dance is too innocent to use sex appeal to get some attention. Plus, these girls are minors. It's kind of strange to make these young girls too sexy. Don't want pedobear to show up.

Quettion is another endowed woman besides Remi and Mimorin
Quettion is another endowed woman besides Remi and Mimorin
  • Depending on your tastes, this episode will make you laugh out loud with its comedic slapstick and romance problems. For those who are tired of games and sappy love stories, this episode will not be for you.
  • For people who can't stand fanservice, Quettion seems to be a bit mature and developed for her age.


Do the quiz dance!
Do the quiz dance!
  • Masks are the coolest things because the human mind makes the craziest imaginations. You'll see how masks are a key factor in this episode.
  • Enigman and Quettion's song and dance is pretty catchy enough that Switch is doing the quiz dance.

Overall, this episode is pretty crazy and funny. I couldn't reveal more images of the second story, but we can do that in the discussion.

Trivia and Craptastic Drawings

Since my team and I were so busy, there are no trivia questions, but this episode have some questions of its own. Let's see if you can answer them.

Switch's questions

  • Pain means bread in French. What kind of pain is too hard eat?
  • Above is a body of water, and below is a great fire. What is it?

Enigman's Questions

Quettion and Enigman dance and sing when Sket Dan think about the answer.

  1. What should the teacher do to fix the labels if he only wants to open one bag?
  2. Situation: In front of the dog, there's a sheep and a pig. Behind the pig, there's a dog and a sheep. Behind the sheep, there is a pig. What is the fewest animals you need for this?
  3. Situation: There are three cats that catch three mic in three minutes. How many cats does it take to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes.

Craptastic Drawings

It appears that we have some new artists. For this section, vote for your craptastic artist.

You can't vote for Bossun because he's a pro.

From left to right: Sasuke, Switch, Hime, Switch, and Roman.

Who is your favorite craptastic artist?


I thank you guys for reading this. Please feel free to comment on my team's weekly report. I thank my team for standing by me and working hard on the wiki project despite our busy lives outside of Anime Vice. Please see our team's vitae list.

  • Hime's origin story, Ogress, will be a double report to make it consistent with Switch's origin story report.

If you guys really loved a franchise, you want to express that by making your own wiki reports, reviews, blogs, or commenting. It'll make Anime Vice a better community.

Blogs This Week

  • Guilty Crown 7 and 8 by KuroNekoXIII
  • Beelzebub 44 and 45 by Taka coming soon
  • Fairy Tail 107 and 108 by Taka coming soon
  • Sket Dance 36 and 37 by Taka coming soon

Blogs Last Week


Team W.I.K.I. Nation

Post by KuroNekoXIII (427 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Great job Taka! I haven't watched this Sket Dance episode yet, so I cannot give my full input yet (I will ASAP though :D)

I was browsing through the images though, I couldnt help but notice the resemblance between Quettion and Arisa from Guilty Crown.

They look alike, huh?

Post by takashichea (15,971 posts) See mini bio Level 25
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Oh wow! Do they both have nasty personalities?

Edit: I cast my vote for Switch!

Post by KuroNekoXIII (427 posts) See mini bio Level 14


Lol no Arisa is sweet IMO XD She has a "in-charge" vibe to her since she's the student council prez, so she has a strict side. But she's nice overall.

Switch is the second one, right? His is my favorite as well, since he gives Bossun ping pong sized eyeballs lol :D

Post by MohsinMan99 (1,777 posts) See mini bio Level 21
Great job but I noticed there was no trivia.  I actually found the song so catchy I got it for my phone.
Also, waiting for the next report because the character origin stories are the best part about Sket Dance- more than the humor.
Post by takashichea (15,971 posts) See mini bio Level 25
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I'll work on Sket Dance today as fast I can. There is trivia, man. Not by our team but from the show.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to the Hime's origin story in ep. 36 to 37.

Post by KuroNekoXIII (427 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Finally came around to watch this episode! I'm marathoning the Sket Dance episodes that I havent watched yet today so I can comment on your reports Taka :)

Lol man this episode was funny!

I like how Hime was so confident about her answer about the cats...lol I'm not gonna lie but that was my first attempt to that answer as well. Bossun yelling at her to take the question seriously was priceless! ROFL and the second part with Switch asking the Student Council students the same animal question was hilarious! He was even dancing the way Enigman was :P

II think it would be cool if we actually put down Enigman's quiz questions and answers on his character page

Favorite Quotes:

"Family restaurant"? Thats not even close to "final answer"

You little piece of sh!t "N" bastard!

Post by takashichea (15,971 posts) See mini bio Level 25
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Interestingly, the same situation is mirrored with Enigman's encounter with the Kaimei Student Council.

Oh yes, we definitely need to add those questions to his trivia.

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