Weekly Sket Dance: Ep 30 - Turned the Crank-nyora!

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Welcome to the eight weekly article of Sket Dance! I'm your host, Takashichea. By now, you have heard of Team W.I.K.I. Nation; if you have not, please visit our team's blog. My great teammates are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, MohsinMan99, HalberdierV2, Hibaru, and Piface314. Please follow these individuals because they making history in our community. Back to Sket Dance, this week's episode is a riot. I promise that you will laugh and cry.


Like most Sket Dance episodes, this episode has two parts that covers two manga chapters. Let's break it down.

Episode 30: Crank the Crank-nyora! See IMAGE Gallery as well.

First Story: It's about an addiction or a compulsive obsession disorder on little toys. I don't have the exact name for these toys but the machine is called a capsule toy vending machine. They are toys that you get in those slot machines and come in a ball. You get a surprise. Anyway, Hime, Bossun, and Switch have an adventure collecting toys in front of a shop. Will Sket Dan get over their addiction?

Second Story: Momoka visits Sket Dan, and she has a complete character change! Her old friends tell Sket Dance to change her back into her rough, Yankee delinquent self.


Will Sket Dan be able to restore Momoka to her old self or will they lose her forever?!

*That image really did spoil those that who haven't see the anime. Oh yes, I do not have a fetish for Moe characters. Switch and Otakura does.


Beware of Spoilers!


Aw! HIme don't feel left out. They're bad friends and dumb boys.
Aw! HIme don't feel left out. They're bad friends and dumb boys.
  • For the first story, at least some of the action figures/toys look good.
  • Switch and Hime's attack on the photographer is awesome. In this episode, you'll see the true side of the Onihime.
  • Momoka may have changed back, but she is the same old girl. Don't ever change Momoka!
  • Hime has a fondness for cute things. It's funny to see a tomboy get so passionate about cute things; it's cute when she gets left out of the boys' things. Recall from the Hyperion game, she got mad. I wish they get another female character, or Sket Dan could get Momoka. That'll alter story. Oh well. Being the only female member can be hard.


  • The first story is funny, but it gets tiring fast. When I was kid, I had some fond experiences collecting toys from crane games and those slot machines. The reason is that they are teenagers going crazy over toys. I get the joke. The good thing is the second story which is better than the first.


Crazy Anime Hair of the Year!
Crazy Anime Hair of the Year!
  • Some of toys look like Power Rangers or those Kamen Riders.
  • You'll see a Sailor Moon figure at time 16:09, I believe. (I'll get an image soon)
  • The lady has a huge hairdo that looks like a turnip or an onion. She has a huge lollipop stored in that hairdo.
  • Switch collects stuff that deals with Momoka's shows such as that voice recording of Momoka's acting (lil' Momoka and the Yankee character). He even has a Momoka figurine. It makes me think Switch likes Momoka. He is the only one who did not mind Momoka's Moe stuff. Switch is a strange character.

Animated GIFs

From a Delinquent to a Moe Girl
From a Delinquent to a Moe Girl

I had an idea for Momoka. It's when she turns from bad to good. See this image, but I'm going for the face shot for Momoka. I'll get it soon. I'm sorry. I got too distracted with the other blogs I created today.

Momoka GIF Click to see her transformation!
Momoka GIF Click to see her transformation!

Trivia Questions

Question 1

Question 2


I thank you guys for reading and commenting; I thank my team for sticking with me on this project despite our busy college/family lives. We're here to promote our love for animes and the wiki work we do. Get involved in this community.

Let's create a team and tackle a franchise in Anime Vice!
Let's create a team and tackle a franchise in Anime Vice!
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I don't know why some of the links aren't working. Only the characters links work on the forum copy of the blog. I need to relink them while the blog's links work fine.

I'm sorry. It's getting a little annoying and time consuming to check each link.

Edit: Finished relinking links to other forum threads. If you find a dead link, please tell me. Thank you.

Updates: 10-29-11 - Added the two trivia questions for Momoka and the animated GIF for her.

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Nice report Taka!

I could really relate to the first part of the episode since I too had and still somewhat have a collecting obsession. And the funny thing is, that you get really hyper and enthusiastic in the process of collecting, but in the end, the collection most-likely will end up collecting dust on the shelves. Thats life for ya.

Lol, and I agree that the interviewer definitely deserves the craziest anime hair award of the year :P

I personally prefer Yankee Momoka over Moe Momoka. Moe Momoka is too frilly, and lacks the character depth that Yankee Momoka has.

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I thought it was funny that Hime made a comment about the "Rangers" names all ending in -der. Seems like they were referencing how many of the Super Sentai series names end in -ger.

When I saw that interviewer lady's hair, the first thing that popped into my head was a picture I saw from a Lady Gaga interview. She went on some talk show wearing an outfit that looks like that lady's hair.

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@KuroNekoXIII: Thanks! I confessed that I had an addiction in collecting stuff such as pokemon cards during that Pokemon Craze.


Nice one!

I should have got a power rangers image for the blog.


My favorite series
My favorite series
Post by MohsinMan99 (1,777 posts) See mini bio Level 21
Post by takashichea (16,591 posts) See mini bio Level 25


I had to look up your nice image. It's Elizabeth from Gintama. Thanks!

Post by MohsinMan99 (1,777 posts) See mini bio Level 21


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