Weekly Sket Dance 24 & 25: Switch's Origin Story "Switch Off"

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Welcome to the third weekly Sket Dance report! These two episodes (mostly 25) are the saddest ones in Sket Dance anime. I tried to hold my tears, but Switch's story was too suspenseful, dramatic, sad, and unforgettable.

My Apologies

Masafumi, Sawa, and Kazuyoshi
Masafumi, Sawa, and Kazuyoshi

Since Anna and I were busy with Beelzebub and Blue Exorcist, I could not do this thread for 24 without Anna's images. As I mentioned in the first weekly report, Anna and I take turns doing the episode's images and plot.

My Teammates

For those of you who don't know my team, my teammates are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, Hibaru, HalberdierV2, and Piface314.


After Bossun and the others help Shinpei recover Shinzo's bokken, Switch's flashback begins unraveling to the viewers. The viewers see Switch's brother, Masafumi, and childhood friend, Sawa. As the story progresses, Sawa is followed by a stalker. The viewers find out how Switch got his name and become the Switch we know and love, and how tragic his life has been due to a mistake that Switch had made. To this day, Switch had regrets about his mistake.

New Characters

Here are the new characters for this story!

1. Masafumi Usui

Kazuyoshi's younger brother who has so much potential in computer programming.

2. Sawa Yamauchi

Kazuyoshi and Masafumi's childhood friend who often mixes up words.

3. Yukino Hirai

She is Sawa's friend.

4. Shinpei Takemitsu

He is Shinzo's brother.

5. Shinji Mikami

He is Sawa's stalker.

Like before, I cannot give out too much details.

I really like Sawa and Masafumi, and how they affect Switch's life.



  • The origin story played out very well. It was surprising and its sad elements can make you feel sympathetic for Switch
  • Ep. 24: Shinpei's request was an excellent precursor to Switch's origin story even though Switch's story just started without transitional scenes.
  • Masafumi and Sawa were excellent characters and played out well.
  • We get to see Hime and Shinpei beat some thugs.
  • The preview to episode 25 was really good at grabbing the audience's attention.


Yoshi and her date
Yoshi and her date
  • Yoshi and her date did not really make sense or contribute to the story. I think Shinpei's story was good enough to lead us into Switch's origin story.


  • I wonder why Switch has not ask to see Sawa these years. I know that she's sad that Switch has taken on his brother's persona. Will we ever see Switch and Sawa hang out together for old times' sake?
  • Interestingly, Yukino looks different in episode 24 and in 25. It could be the hair. I'm not sure. I added the images below for you to make the decision.

Edit 9-23-11

  • The origin story does not explain why Switch loves anime and play sim games. Is it to fill the void in his heart?

Overall, these two episodes were awesome and emotional wrecking. I mean you cannot see Switch as a happy or a funny person. My view of Switch just got changed.


"Bro, let’s go see the fireworks again sometime, the three
of us!”
"Bro, let’s go see the fireworks again sometime, the three of us!”

I thank you guys for reading this weekly report. Please thank Anna for working and uploading images on episode 24. I worked on episode 25 and uploaded images for it.

As of now, Halberdierv2 has joined our Team W.I.K.I Nation. It's awesome to get more people to contribute or to comment. I thank KuroNekoXIII and Mohinman99 for commenting. Please feel free to voice any improvements I need, so I can know how to write good guides in the future. If I'm boring, please tell me.


I have to read the manga to add the anime and manga differences for you guys.

(I wish I can talk more about the plot, but I cannot give out spoilers due to what happened in the random thread months ago. I know the plot is too ambiguous. We can still talk about these two episodes in the comments.)


Please check out the new crossover episodes between Gintama and Sket Dance next week. Gintama is on September 26, and Sket Dance is on Septermber 29. (Seen on Dochaus's Blog and Differences blog)

Please see these Weekly Reports of our projects


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Today's Updates

  • I'm sorry about the dead links to the episodes that Anna and I worked on. Please check them out.
  • Separated the images for the Good into two rows for two episodes.
  • Fixed the glitch with the images and the bullets.
  • Added Yukino comparisons.
  • Added Crossover information and links to Dochaus's blog.

Thank you for being patient. Hope you enjoyed Switch's origin story and the rest of the Sket Dance series. You guys are awesome.

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I'd say the best ones uptil now. Switch is the best character in the series and we got another reason to justify why so. Nice reporting there and keep it up!

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Thanks! Yet, I feel like this report did not have much meat in it. It's too bad that I cannot add anime/manga differences, but that is what the episode wiki page is for.

What was your favorite moments in these two episodes?

The only thing that the story did not answer was how Switch became addicted to love simulation games and anime. I feel that he using to it to fill the void that Sawa and Masafumi left.

About which one is better at portraying Switch's story:

I feel like the anime is better (even though the murder scene was greatly altered) because Kazuyoshi had more emotional actions. In the chapter, he just stands there and looks at things. Compared to the anime, he tries to rush to his brother's side, and in the room with the police, he gets a nervous breakdown.

Future Changes

After looking at Newten's Weekly Fairy Tail, Godlen's weekly manga chapters, and Tom's watch and learn, I'm still debating over the difference between weekly report and reviews. In the end, I keep these reports the way they are, but I will continue experimenting.


This report had the most edits. I was editing this report several times because I forgot stuff and the images were crazy. Today, I have to add memorable quotes and others.


I realize that I have to add these weekly threads as blogs to connect to the characters because people wiki binge on the character pages and not the volume or the episode pages. I admit that I usually go to the character pages first to answer my questions.

Plus, I got the idea from ZombiePie's Community Spotlight pages. He was linking a lot of stuff to show everyone.

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KuroNekoXIII has found a cool MEP for Switch's origin story. There's lots of AMVs and MEPs out there, so feel free to comment and share some vids.

I'm experimenting with the features of the weekly reports: Trivia, Animated Gifs, Stitched Cap image gallery, Funny Captions, and now AMVs/MEPs.

Kuro's choice

Here's my choice

Give some credit to these guys who made the videos.


Oh crap! I forgot to add the memorable quote for this weekly report.

Memorable quotes

  • “Bro, let’s go see the fireworks again sometime, the three of us!”

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Nice AMV Taka! I came across that one too when I was surfing YouTube.

That quote is a good one, it's a tear-jerker as well.

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No, thank you for finding that AMV or MEP. I managed to find an image (even though it's a duplicate) that won't spoiled the fans who haven't watch this episode. They don't know which person said brother because Masafumi and Sawa called Switch, brother.

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@takashichea: Sweet!

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