Weekly Sket Dance 23: CutiePie!

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Welcome to the second Weekly Sket Dance episode report! Please beware of spoilers because I wasn't careful with this one.

This episode is like Bossun's little adventures, but now, the girls have reverted back to little munchkins.

Plot Summary

Lil' Momoka and Hime
Lil' Momoka and Hime

When Momoka asks Hime and her friends to help her grasp the innocent feeling of being a kid for her anime voice actress role, Momoka and Hime revert to children after they raise a toast with Bossun and Switch. Bossun has to take care of the little girls when Chuuma asks him to buy seaweed. As he and Sasuke take their small classmates, Hime and Momoka chase after a cat to get back the seaweed.

Will Momoka grasp the feeling of being a kid? Will Hime, Momoka, and the other girls return to normal?

Extra Story: Biscuit Dance

Find out by watching this episode.


Bossun & Sasuke
Bossun & Sasuke
  • Cuteness Overload: No one can resist saying "Aw!" to these girls.
  • Tons of funny moments such as Hime's antics with Bossun and Momoka's true objective (revealed at the end).
  • Bossun and Sasuke's expressions were damn hilarious.
  • Bossun's family wonders if Bossun likes little girls. Yeah....
  • The Extra Story was funny and short.


Daisy: You pervert. Sasuke: She just jiggled in front of me.
Daisy: You pervert. Sasuke: She just jiggled in front of me.
  • Unneeded Fan Service: At the end, the girls were not restored back to normal. They were adults. Mimori keeps jiggling her breasts at Sasuke for no reason. It just interrupts the flow of the episode' (especially its comedy).
  • During the growing up stage, the camera just zooms on the bust and the butt of the girls. That's wrong especially since they were once little children. (That's just me)


  • Bossun almost cusses. They should let him do it, but I guess they allow fan service instead of cussing.
  • This episode is very different from the manga because it had additional characters and events. (Please see the episode and the wiki page for Episode 23)
  • Watch the episode carefully because you might see familiar toys from different franchises.


This episode gets four out of five. I thought the series was innocent.


The Four Munchkins: Daisy, Mimori, Momoka, and Hime
The Four Munchkins: Daisy, Mimori, Momoka, and Hime

I thank my team, the staff, the mods, and the whole, awesome community. I never thought I gone out to do something else besides wiki editing.

Give some recognition to wiki editors, reviewers, and writers out there. Please see episode 23's wiki work and give some recognition to my partner Anna and the previous wiki editors who worked on this franchise.

Thank you for reading this. Feel free to state any suggestions I need to improve because I got to write a beginner guide for Sket Dance and other projects.


A month ago, I recommended this anime to a feminist and told her it had no fan service. Now, I feel bad since this episode crush that idea.

Another thing, the title is strange. I know, but I'm bad with titles. I wanted to add "Little Himes," but mixing Japanese with English is like Spanglish which I don't like.

It was uncomfortable when I was writing this episode's report since I'm 20 year old adult, and the subject is about little children. Yeah... Don't think bad of me.

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Nice episode report! You summed it up pretty nicely. :D

I agree that the episode had unnecessary fan service.....personally I think it totally killed the episode. I was expecting more humor out of the episode, since the episode when Bossun turns into a kid was hilarious.

However, what I really liked about the episode was that it reminded me of my childhood, like how everyday-life was always full of adventure; and how anybody older than you seemed like giants. It had a nostalgic feel to it, which was a plus in my opinion.

Keep up the good work! Hope to see more of your reports as more episodes are released!

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Thanks! I agree that little Bossun episode was funnier than this one. Hime and Switch's roles just made me laugh harder than this one. Damn Switch! I think Bossun is a better father than Switch.

Next episode is really interesting and suspenseful. I get to finally see Switch's story. I just got to get in the might mood.

I will post it up as soon as my partner, Anna, finishes the episode and get the images. This week, my shift was to do Fairy Tail and Beelzebub while she does Blue Exorcist and Sket Dance and ShadowKnight508 works on Beelzebub as well.

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No prob! Yea the little Bossun episode was super funny! It's the type of episode that you would watch over and over and wouldnt get tired of :P

Bossun would be a cool father in my opinion :P Lol, but he seems to have troubles controlling kid Hime XD

Yea, I cant wait to watch the next one :D The episodes are always fun to look forward to!

Oh I see. I wish you guys best of luck with your wiki edits! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work :)

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I should have named this "the two munchkins." I'm so embarrassed when I see this "Cutiepie!"

What do the wiki editor think of me especially the female ones and my partner?! Good news, is that they haven't comment yet, but only their silence makes me worry more.

I'm not a pedobear!

Tune in for the next Sket Dance episode 24 and 25. I will write them soon by Friday 8-23-11.

Sorry for the wait! I will combine them since it's much better that way. School got my team and me down, but I will get some guides and weekly reports out.

P.S.: The Sket Dance and Gintama Similarity and Differences blog had some fans who told me that there was a crossover coming next week.

Aren't you excited for the Gintama and Sket Dance crossover? I haven't the read or watch Gintama, but I'm so psyched.

Best Wishes,

Taka, Member of W.I.K.I. Nation and Team Beelzebub

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