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Sket Dance is an anime series in the Sket Dance franchise
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A hairstyle

Bamboo Sword

A Bamboo Sword, shinai, is a practice sword made of bamboo for sparring or the practice and competition of Kendo.

Deadman Wonderland Candy

Candy is a vital object in the walls of Deadman Wonderland. Without it, the prison's death sentence is put into play.


Drums are a percussion instruments made out of a case and a membrane stretched over it. Usually played by rhythmically beating the top with either hands or sticks.

Himeko and A-chan's Valkyrie

In the Sket Dance franchise, both Himeko and her friend, Arisa (A-chan), had the same brand of a field hockey stick with the name Valkyrie.

Himeko's Cyclone

This is Hime's second field hockey stick.

Himeko's Kunpuumaru

Hime's third hockey stick that is Cyclone's successor.

Kunai Knife

Kunai Knife is a hand-held metal dagger. It has a leaf-shaped blade, handle, and a ring at the end. It is a multiple use weapon that can also be used as a throwing knife. It is one of the most commmon ninja weapns used in the series.

Lunch Box

Lunch boxes are traditional in Japan for taking to school and work, sometimes they are given as a sign of admiration for someone.


A mask is an object worn to cover the face. They can be just small enough to cover the eyes or the entire face. A person normally wears a mask to attempt to hide their identity.

Octopus Balls

Octopus Balls are known in Japan as "takoyaki". A popular kind of vendor food that are a baked or fried, round dumplings made of diced octopus.

Pelollipop Candy

It's a brand of lollipop that comes in many flavors in the Sket Dance franchise. Only a few characters can tolerate it while others vomit.

Pelorin Doll

A Pelorin doll is a cherished doll that can be won when one finds a winning wrapper of a Pelilop candy. This is only found in the Sket Dance franchise.


Pigtails are a hair style in which (typically women) wear their hair parted down the middle with two ponytails coming off the back of their head. Pigtails are very prevalent in Anime/Manga

Popman's Hat

Popman's hat is the hat that both Bossun and the fictional hero, Popman, wear. It has two horns on the top.


Ramen is a popular noodle dish throughout Asia. It originated in China, but introduced into Japan. Served in a broth made from fish or meat.


Rice is a staple of the diet through out Asia. They are firm grains that are softened when boiled and one of the most complex carbohydrates.

School Uniform

The character is wearing school uniform. Most probably he/she's a student.

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