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Sket Dance is a brand new anime set in Japan, telling a daily life story of a high school supportive club called Sket Dan.


The anime is directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi and produced by Ken Yoda. The anime starts its run in April 2007 by Studio Tatsunoko Production on the network TV Tokyo. At the same time, Crunchyroll released simulcasts of the anime to audiences outside of Japan. There are no licensing of the anime for the English dub or the other countries.


Sket Dance is an anime, based on the manga of the same name, that tells a daily life story of a High School supportive club called Sket Dan (Support Kindness Encouragement Troubleshoot). With a boy called Fujisaki (Bossun) as the leader, Onizuka (Himeko) as the club's muscle, and Usui (Switch) as the club's secretary. The trio band together as one to solve people's problems such as bullies and any life problems they have through a request. As many requests come, will the three be able to solve them all?


Main Cast

  • Bossun


Bossun is the leader and founder of the supportive club, Sket Dan. He has the ability to sharpen his concentrations by wearing his goggles. He also has great artistic talent where he can draw amazingly.

  • Himeko


Himeko is a member of the supportive club, Sket Dan. She takes the role of the team's muscle, always carrying her club named Cyclone. A Pelolin Lollipop is also seen on her mouth often. She is a tomboyish girl who's really strong in fighting.

  • Switch


Switch (Kazuyoshi Usui) is also a member of the supportive club, Sket Dan. He chooses not to speak himself, but to use speech synthesis software on the laptop he always carries to speak instead. He is the club's secretary, analyzing data and keeping notes on everything.


Opening Themes

Theme Songs & EpisodesPoints Of Interest
"カッコ悪い I Love You" by French Kiss (Episodes 1-17)
"Michi (道)" by The Sketchbook (Episodes 18-26)
  • Centers around the Sketchbook band and Kaimei Rock festival.
  • Used for Gintama Crossover: Switch had a Gintoki wig.
"Graffiti" by Gackt (Episodes 27-39)
"Message" by The Sketchbook (Episodes 40- 51)
  • No opening theme is used for episode 47.
"Reboot" by everset (Episode 53-64)
"Clear" by The Sketchbook (65-Ongoing)
  • Introduces new Characters: Kiri Kato, Hani Usami

Closing Themes

Theme Songs & EpisodeesPoints of Interest
"Comic Sonic" by The Pillows (Episodes 2-16)
"Funny Bunny (Rock Stock Version)" by The Pillows (Episode 17)
"Clover (クローバー)" by The Sketchbook (Episodes 18-24 and 26)
  • Main themes are clovers and Sket Dan.
  • Used for Gintama Crossover: Gintoki and his pals take over Sket Dan's roles. Gintoki is Hime, ...
"Kioku (キヲク)" by The Sketchbook (Episode 25)

Switch's Origin Story Compilation

  • A special theme song that dedicates to clips of Switch's story.
"Milk to Chocolate (ミルクとチョコレート)" by ChocoLe (Episodes 27-36 and 38-39)
  • Focuses on Hime and other female characters such as Daisy, Momoka, Roman, Mimorin, and Moe.
"HERO" by The Sketchbook (Episode 37)

Hime's Origin Story Compilation

  • A special theme song that dedicates to clips of Hime's story.
"Party! Hallelujah! (パーリー!ハレルヤ!)" by SKET ROCK (Episode 40-Ongoing except 47, 48, and 51)
  • Main characters are Bossun, Sasuke, Switch, and Sojiro
"Message" by The Sketchbook (Episode 47)
  • No compilation. It uses the same opening sequence with the credits at the left side.
"Birthday" by The Sketchbook (Episode 48)
  • A compilation of Happy Birthday scenes of Ryosuke, Akane, Haru, and Bossun's past plays during the credits.
"カッコ悪い I Love You" by French Kiss (Episode 51)
  • A compilation of first year's episodes play in a small box in the upper right corner while the I Love You opening sequence and various opening sequences plays in the background.
"Colors" by The Sketchbook (Episode 52 except 64)
  • Among the falling cherry blossoms, Bossun, Hime, and Switch sit by a tree while Saaya is dancing in a pretty white dress.

Kenta Shinohara


Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Kenta Shinohara
Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Hideaki Nakano
Takeshi Ito
Noriyoshi Nakamura
Manabu Nakatake
Shuhei Naruse
Shinichi Inotsume

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Name Sket Dance
Name: スケットダンス
Romaji: Suketto Dansu
Publisher Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd
Start Year 2011
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