What Are Your Favorite Sket Dance Characters?

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For those who do know what Sket Dance is, Sket Dance is a Slice of Life and Shonen anime that revolves around a trio of students and their club, Sket Dan. Their club's mission is to help their classmates with their problems stemming from romance (which they do a lot), finding things, crime, and many other requests. Most characters in the show are affiliated with a club. For example, Roman Saotome who loves drawing is in the manga club.

Their club's acronym stands for:

  • S - Support
  • K - Kindness
  • E - Encourange
  • T - Troubleshoot

In shotrt, it's pretty much about the adventures of Sket Dan helping their classmates who are quite unique in their own way.

Sket Dan Members


He's the leader in the Sket Dan club.

Skills: Concentration mode is where he puts on his goggles to figure out the solution to their requests' problems.

Hime Onizuka

She's the powerhouse in the Sket Dan club.

Skills: Don't be fool by her pretty appearance. Her field hockey stick, Cyclone, can dish a lot of damage such as bringing the down the roof.

Kazuyoshi Usui

He's the brains in the Sket Dan club.

Skills: Even though he uses a laptop to speak, he can gather information quickly and helps his team with his gizmos such as a homing device.

What is your favorite Sket Dance characters?

Feel free to comment about your favorite characters. Have fun, everyone!

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