Sket Dance #1 - Sket Dance volume 1

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 11/02/2007

Plot Summary

Sket Dance is about a group of high school kids called "Sket Dan," who start their own high school club around helping people out. Our heroes are Himeko, a fiery redheaded former-delinquent who favors cute things and weird food, "Switch," a nerd who speaks via computer a la Stephen Hawking, and Bossun, the charismatic leader. Look for this one to get a license from VIZ in the future.


Japanese Released Date: November 2, 2007

American Released Date: None.

Chapter 1: Paint Mask - "Penki kamen" (ペンキ仮面)

Chapter 2: Ape Escape - "Eipu Esukeipu" (エイプ・エスケイプ)

Chapter 3: The Ghost of the Incinerator - "Shōkyakuro no yūrei" (焼却炉の幽霊)

Chapter 4: Peppermint Samurai - "Pepaaminto samurai" (ペパーミント侍)

Chapter 5: The Legendary Onihime - "Densetsu no onihime" (伝説の鬼姫)

Chapter 6: Onihime and the Crowbar - "Onihime ni kanabō" (鬼姫に鉄棒)

Chapter 7: The Prince of the Hill -"Saka no ue no ōji-sama" (坂の上の王子様)


Full Plot Summary

Ch. 1: The Sket Dan try to recruit Teppei in their club, and then, the Sket Dan have a request to stop someone from vandalizing the school's mural. It turns out to be Teppei who was bullied and pressured by Jogasaki.

Ch. 2: Moe Yabasawa asks the Sket Dan to watch her pet gibbon while she goes to cheerleading practice. At the same time, Chuma asks the Sket Dan to dispose a bomb, and the gibbon steals the bomb. Now, the Sket Dan have to track down the gibbon while keeping the bomb from exploding.

Ch. 3: Reiko Yuki requests Switch and his Sket Dan crew to investigate the ghost of the incinerator. Switch goes and investigate to reveal the truth. It turns out that Shimada is faking the article because Reiko is the only person who reads Shimada's articles.

Ch. 4: Shinzo is a strange student who is part of the Kendo team and has a strong samurai persona. Despite acting like a samurai, he is a cellphone person. He requests Sket Dan to help with his losing streak, and the Sket Dan help him with his training. During the tournament, they find out he loses focus after the effects of taking a peppermint, Frisky, wears off before his turn to fight.

Ch. 5-6: After Hime beats up some female delinquents, they get back at her by taking away Hime's Cyclone (Field Hockey Stick). The boss of the delinquents is Momoka who claims to be Onihime due to the rumors. Bossun and Switch arrive in time to free Hime, and Hime shows that she is the Onihime with a display of her brute strength. Later, Momoka and her gang become followers of Himeko because Momoka is a huge admirer of Onihime.

Ch. 7: Roman is an aspiring mangaka who views the world through her Otome Filter where everything looks like a Shoujo manga. She encounters the boy of her dreams. Roman requests the Sket Dan to find the "Prince" that she has fallen in love with. It turns out her prince is really Bossun due to Roman's Otome filter.


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