Air Gear #4 - Skating On Thin Ice

is a manga book published by Kodansha Comics USA that was released on 12/17/2003

Plot Summary

Kodansha Comics USA Edition Release Date: May 1, 2007

Without a doubt, Ikki is the most fearsome skater around. Too bad he’s lost the super high-tech skates that helped him succeed. Worse yet, Ikki’s a far better skater than he is a student. He’s failing in class and must clean up his act fast in order to compete in the next Parts War–a dangerous and thrilling face-off between rival skate gangs. As the team leader, Ikki knows his friends are counting on him. Everybody thinks that he’s the toughest kid in school, but is Ikki about to prove them wrong?

After the epic battle with Buccha, Ikki comes out victorious but at the cost of his Air Treks. After hearing of a high level battle going on in the area they meet only of the regalia holders. What kind of vicious power does this holder have? Read on to find out that question and more.

Trick 24 - 32.


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Ogure Ito artist, cover, writer,



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