Sixteen Years of Age, Spring, Still Buds

Sixteen Years of Age, Spring, Still Buds is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 04/03/2011


Ohana is a 16 year old girl living in Tokyo with her mother and her boyfriend. One day they find themselves in debt and her mother and her boy friend decides to evade it. This is somewhat bitter and ironic because Ohana is forced to leave her childhood friend, Kouichi, who turns out to be in love with her.

Ohana gets excited about this and asks about where they are going to move. Ohana finds out that she will not be going with them. Instead Ohana is sent to live with her grandmother, Sui Shijima, who owns a hot spring inn called the Kissuiso.
The inn turns out to be not what she imagined. Ohana's stern grandmother quickly sets her to work at the inn.

It also does not help that the other employees at the in are either not very helpful or just outright rude to her. Ohana struggles to adapt to her new life at the inn, one struggle at a time.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masahiro Ando Director A japanes animator/director who has worked in popular shows including Canaan, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Mari Okada Writer
Shiro Hamaguchi Music Shiro Hamaguchi has created music for multiple anime series.
Kanami Sekiguchi Animation Director


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