Six Paths of Pain

Six Paths of Pain is a anime/manga concept
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The Six Paths of Pain is a special jutsu that the ninja Nagato used a collection of reanimated corpses for his Akatsuki persona called Pain.Later Tobi created his own Six Paths of Pain using the revived Jinchuriki.

The Six Paths of Pain is a group of possessed and modified corpses by Nagato of the Uzumaki Clan for his Akatsuki persona called Pain.

Nagato's Six Paths of Pain
Nagato's Six Paths of Pain

They have the powers of the Rinnegan and it's six paths through the wieldr's original body as that is how it is the original use and later channeled in each body and chakra receivers on the bodies.As Nagato was cripple he had to use the Six Paths thorugh six different bodies and had transmit charka through a large tower and the Pains serve as his representatives in Akatsuki well only the Deva Path and it's channeled body yahiko due to him being the founder of akatsuki and being Nagato's best friend.

Deva Path-Controls gravity and most powerful and used pain it's energy was channeled though the body of Yahiko Nagato's best friend

Animal Path- summons animals and was channel to the coprse of a Fuma Clan member and a young girl.

Naraka Path- revives the Pains and used for interrogations by summoning the King of Hell Statue.It is channeled through a body of a priest

Asura Path- this uses mechanical parts and Robotic parts as well as many other was channeled through a body of a Puppeteer

Preta Path-this ability allows to adsorb charka and was channeled through a glass ninja.

Human Path-the ability to read minds and rip out souls.It was channeled through a man who was once a teacher

Outer Path- the seventh path Allows to create and control the six pains,reviving the dead using Samrasa of heavenly life technique , and use charka chains to bind and restrict foes.This is how Nagato created the Pains and use the six powers to the wielder of the rinnegan.Tobi can now use this after obtaining the rinnegan.

Tobi with Six Paths of Pain-The Jinchuriki
Tobi with Six Paths of Pain-The Jinchuriki

The new Six paths of Pain created by Tobi have used the bodies of the former Jinchuriki that akatsuki captured with the exception of gaara who was revived had their tailed beasts inside them and used the Sharingan and Rinnegan though their eyes and unlike Nagato's charka receivers they only have one that's hidden in plain sight and knowing that the Pain's weakness tobi did not allow the new pains use the traditional fighting of the original six paths of pain.Tobi unlike Nagato is able to move and use the demonic statue of the outer path to help him control the tailed beasts and seal them back in if they are defeated.

The New Pains listed are their numbers of Tailed beasts:Seven tails to Two-Tails

Fuu - Jinchuriki of Chomei the Seven Tailed Beatle

Utakata- Jinchuriki of Saiken the Six-tailed Slug

Han- The Jinchuriki of Kokuo the Five-tailed Dolphin Horse

Roshi- Jinchuriki of Son Goku the Four-tailed Monkey

Yagura- former 4th Mizukage and Jinchuriki of Isobu the three tailed turtle

Yugito Nii- Cloud Ninja and Jinchuriki of Matatabi the two-tailed cat.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Six Paths of Pain
Japanese Name: ペイン六道
Romaji Name: Pein Rikudō
1st manga book: Naruto #40
1st anime episode: Naruto Shippuden #132
1st anime movie: Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja
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