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A anniversary of the day on which a person was born (or the celebration of it).

Brother and Sister

A male and a female member of a family that share the same parents.

Dark Past

One or more past events that negatively affected one or more people. It's very common in an anime for at least one person to have such a past.

Diggers' Family

The Diggers' Family is a group of three adventuring sisters who love to explore, create amazing tech, and blow a lot of stuff up.


Sexual intimacy between family members.


PEEBO's are AI bombs created by Brianna Diggers. Each has their own personality, and three were specifically modeled after her and her sisters.


Team RWBY is led by Ruby and composed of Weiss, Blake, and Yang.


Twins are children who are born on the same day from the same mother. Though not always identical.


Japanese for "Little sister" - this may refer to the family relationship of blood or adopted sister, or it may also refer to a younger girl who one treats as a little sister even though not related as such.

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