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Ai Kisugi

Ai is the youngest of the Kisugi sisters. While not as skilled as her sisters, Ai has none-the-less mastered a number of skills and is regularly the one who operates the get-away vehicles for the heists

Akane Kimidori

Arale's best friend she met on her first day of school. She is a rebel unlike her older sister Aoi.

Akane Tendo

Akane Tendo is one of Ranma Saotome's many fiancées. Her father owns the Tendo Dojo, and she stands to inherit the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts by marriage.


Akari is a young girl that appears just as mysteriously as Hikari.

Akemi Miyano

The older sister of Shiho Miyano (Ai Haibara),who was also a member of the Black Organization. After completing a bank heist that was supposed to free her and her sister from the Organization, Gin and Vodka betrayed and killed her before Conan could save her.

Aki Aoi

Sister of Sora and Nami in Aki-Sora.

Akina Orifushi

One of the main sisters in the hentai anime Kanojo X Kanojo


Alice is the Junior Boss of the Wonder Family, a Mob family

Amalla Su

Amalla Su is Kaolla Su's sister.

Amue Armstrong

Amue Armstrong is the second daughter of the Armstrong family.

Anita King

The Youngest Paper Sister

Anju Maaka

Sister to: Karin

Anna Puma

Anna is a android catgirl and the sister of Uni Puma. They were created as "love dolls" to be marketed for profit, but they developed beyond this superficial programming and became criminals.

Anna Williams

Sister and nemesis of Nina Williams.

Anne Hanamaru

One of ten sisters from the eroanime It's a Family Affair.

Aoi Kimidori

The older sister of Akane and owner of Penguin Village's cafe the Coffee Pot. She is very nice and polite which is the opposite of her sister.


A Spider Rider who is being controlled by the Invectid Buguese. Aqune is seen wearing a mask which contains a mind control device created by Buguese Once removed she is no longer under his control. Aqune is also Corona's sister.


Eldest of the Gorgon sisters

Asagi Igawa

Asagi Igawa is a skilled anti-demon kunoichi.

Aya Natsume

Aya is the younger sister of Shin Natsume, and Maya Natsume. And is deeply in love with Souichiro Nagi. Like her brother she also has the Dragon Eye.

Ayana Hizuki

The youngest of the two Hizuki siblings.


Ayane is a young shrine maiden in training. She's petite and nearly indestructible. She's Suzu's friend, but also chief rival in just about every aspect of life. One of Ikuto's many suitors.


One of the Ayakashi Sisters. She is the second youngest of the four sisters and has control over water.

Biwa Hanamaru

One of ten sisters in the eroanime It's a Family Affair.


Blackfire is Starfire's older sister, apart from her hair and eye color, they look virtually identical. Unlike her sister, Blackfire is evil and greedy.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is the Empress of Amazon Lily and member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. She ate the Love-Love Devil Fruit that allows her to change people into stone.

Boa Marigold

Boa Marigold is the sister of Boa Hancock and member of the Kuja Pirates. She ate the Snake-Snake Fruit: Model King Cobra.

Boa Sandersonia

Boa Sandersonia is the sister of Boa Hancock and member of the Kuja Pirates. She ate the Snake-Snake Fruit: Model Anaconda.

Brianna Diggers

Brianna Diggers is a clone of Gina and Brittany Diggers combined. Brianna shares aspects of both sisters as well as some unique to herself.

Britanny Diggers

Britanny Diggers is a werecheetah that was adopted into the Diggers' family. She the sister, body guard, and partner of Gina Diggers.


The second oldest of the Ayakashi Sisters and has the ability of communing with spirits of the dead.

Cattleya Yvette la Baume le Blanc de la Fontaine

Cattleya Yvette la Baume le Blanc de la Fontaine is the elder, and seemingly favorite, sister of Louise.

Chifuyu Orimura

Ichika's older sister who was the Japanese pilot for the first generation IS machines.

Chiharu Shinonome

Chiharu is one of the newest members of the eiken club. She is popular and aced the entrance exams

Chikage Hizaki

Chikage Hizaki is an arsonist killer as part of another secret organization.

Chizuru Aizawa

Eiko and Takeru's older sister who cooks at the beach house. Despite her calm look and demeanor she can become fierce when angry.

Chloe McCaffrey

Chloe McCaffrey is an IFO pilot for Generation Bleu's Team Goldilocks.

Chocolate Misu

Chris Barkhorn

Chris Barkhorn is the younger sister of Gertrud Barkhorn from the 501st JFW. She was injured during the invasion of Karsland.


Clause is young tom-boy who lost her sister and seeks to avenger her death by finding the ghost of Karin, who she blames.


The youngest of the Ayakashi sisters who has control over fire.

Cornelia Li Britannia

Direct younger sister of Euphemia Li Britannia


She is one of Misty's Older sisters who along with her other two sisters were the Gym Leaders of Cerulean City.


Elaine's older sister who was born without limbs. She is also a psychic but not as strong as her sister.


Along with her sister Saya, Diva is a Chiropteran queen-- but unlike Saya, she favors Chiropteran dominance over humans.

Dokuro Mitsukai

An angel assassin from the future who ends up trying to save her target. She uses her magical weapon Excalibolg to bring misery into Sakura's life.

Eiko Aizawa

Chizuru's younger sister who works at the beachhouse with her. After Ika fails to invade the surface, she forces Ika to work for her to pay off a part of the wall she destroyed.


Elaine is King's little sister, she was the saint of the Fountain of Youth


The main protagonist of the Genocyber series. Elaine is a powerful psychic that was born mute and feral.


The younger sister of Leina and Claudette.

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