Rosario to Vampire II #5 - Siren Song

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 10/02/2009

Plot Summary

When your ears are assaulted by the song of a siren...

A. Press shuffle

B. Tie yourself to a mast

C. Have a sing-off

— Viz Media's Back Blurb


Viz Media Edition's Release Date: July 5, 2011

Chapter 18: Prelude pg. 9

Chapter 19: How to Grow Up pg. 46

Chapter 20: The Angel Song... pg. 84

Chapter 21: Resonance pg. 124

Chapter 22: A Midsummer Night's Dream pg. 166


Rosario+Vampire Season II Meaningless End-of-Volume Theater

  1. Rumored Leader
  2. San's Invincible Legend, Part 1
  3. Birth of a Lolita Complex
  4. San's Invincible Legend, Part 2

Crypt Sheet of Volume, 6

A Note From the Author

Ieda's story of telling his teachers that he aspires to be a manga artist which his teachers encourage him to find a "real" career. This relates to the story in this volume. Since the characters are sophomore level, they have to think what will they do when they become adults. This volume reminds the author of his high school life.


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