Sins of the Sisters

Sins of the Sisters is an anime movie
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During the ill-fated Children's Crusade of a.d. 1212, Pope Innocent III double-crosses the loyal Christian soldiers and sells them to African slavers. Distraught at his betrayal by the very church he is sworn to serve, the children's leader, Hans, throws himself into the sea. Centuries later, he is reincarnated as a hermaphrodite in a convent school, where he seduces the girls and leads them in a bloody revolt against the oppressive nuns. Seizing control of the nuns' time tunnel, Hans (now called Aiko) and his/her chums travel back to Japan's Amakusa Rebellion (see Ninja Resurrection), where they fight the evil Christians. Eventually, all religions are wiped out in a worldwide atheist jihad, and the battle-hardened schoolgirls decide to go back in time again to save the original Hans from the slavers. Meanwhile, Hans/Aiko's lesbian lover, Rika, is brought back to life by Aron/Yuki, an evil nun out to retrieve her kamikaze pilot boyfriend from hell.

An everyday story of multiverse revenge, bare-breasted zombies, mass murder, and kung-fu schoolgirls-prime candidate for the most mind-boggling plot in anime, further mangled on U.S. release when only the final two episodes were released. Thus, the opening half of Hide Takatori's original novel is only discernable through flashbacks and occasional asides, while the complex (and paradoxical) rewrite of both European and Japanese history is buried amid a flurry of leaden dialogue and lesbian titillation. One of the funniest anime since Dragon Half, albeit unintentionally, with immortal lines like, "I must avert Yuki's evil plot, or else I will evaporate!" N

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General Information Edit
Name: Sins of the Sisters
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1990
Romaji: Sei Michaela no Gakuen Hyoryuki
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 40 (mins)
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Aliases Tales of Saint Michaela's Academy
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