Singing a Love Song

Singing a Love Song is an anime episode of Tamako Market that was released on 03/07/2013

Plot Summary

Mamedai: I, um, love you!
Mamedai: I, um, love you!

Long ago, A young girl asked for a mamedai (food), and the young boy mistakes her request as a love confession since Mamedai is his name. In Tamako's mochi shop, Tamako asks her father to try making mamedai with grape, but her father says their mamedai are made with beans. Anko looks for a nice mamedai for Yuzuki before running out of the room due to being embarassment. During dinner, Tamako asks her father if they can pound mochi for Mochi Day. At school, Tamako informs Kanna about Mochi Day before Kanna calls them back to practice. On the streets, Mochizou spots Anko and asks her if Tamako got something for his birthday. Anko replies that Tamako is more focused on Mochi Day. Over at Bunny Mountain Shopping District, Dera gets some shopping done, and Anko retreats to her room to stare at her gift from Yuzuki. Choi finds Tamako setting a vase for her mother.

Then, Mamedai calls Anko that her friend is here to pick up the daifuku. Tamako gives Yuzuki daifuku, and Dera tries calling Anko that her boyfriend is here much to Anko's embarrassment. Later that night, Tamako asks Mochizou about Anko, and Mochizou tells her that he will find out. Next day, Mochizou tags along with Anko and asks her if she is sad about her grades or tripping down the stairs. Anko yells out that Yuzuki is transferring school on Mochi Day. Over at the shops, the two fathers are having a rivaly dispute, and Mochizou informs Tamako about Anko. While the fathers pound the mochi, Choi does her earth blessing dance. Inside the shop, Mochizou pressures Anko to do her love confession, and Tamako gives Anko a special mochi for Yuzuki. On the streets, Anko hurries to get to Yuzuki, but she trips on the way. Dera leads Anko to Yuzuki. Anko gives Yuzuki her fresh mochi. Yuzuki mentions that their family always get mochi for New Year's Day.

Over at the shop, Mamedai strums his guitar and sings, and Tamako hears her father. She bursts into the room and drags her father to Kunio's place. Kunio states that her father had wrote that song for Tamako's mother. Later that night, Tamako gives Mochizou a special birthday Mochi, and Mochizou begins to cry.

Points of Interest

  • October 10th is Mochi Day and Mochizou's birthday.
  • Kunio and Mamedai were former band members.
  • The song that Tamako was looking for was Mamedai's song.


  • Japanese Name: "Utatchaunda, Koi no Uta" (歌っちゃうんだ, 愛の歌)
  • Opening Theme: "Dramatic Market Ride" (ドラマチックマーケットライド) by Aya Suzaki
  • Ending Theme: "Neguse" (ねぐせ) by Aya Suzaki

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yukiko Horiguchi Original Concept Yukiko Horiguchi is a Japanese artist known for her character designs in K-on and Lucky Star.
Aya Suzaki Theme Songs: "Dramatic Market Ride" (ドラマチックマーケットライド) and "Neguse" (ねぐせ)


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