Sincerity ~ Weaponsmith and Steel Princess

Sincerity ~ Weaponsmith and Steel Princess is an anime episode of Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin that was released on 05/28/2009
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The travelers become involved in a local feud, but meet new allies and obtain stronger weapons. Listy returns.
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Plot Summary

A dwarven girl named Ymir with a giant axe and a steampunk-ish guantlet beats another chick with an eyepatch and then goes on to fight in the Queen's Brade tournament for her people. In the next town, Lana waits for his mother Cattleya to come home. Echidna appears, looking for Reina, then the dwarven girl shows up looking for Cattleya. Echidna's snake gets too friendly with her, and while Echidna rubs her breasts in the young boy's face the dwarf girl afraid of snakes runs away.

Meanwhile, Nanael pisses Reina off, causing her to grab her bottle of the Holy Milk and spill all but a little at the bottom of the bottle. The two then wrestle over Reina's rusted sword, when the blacksmith offers to fix it up or something.

Echidna, Cattleya, Reina and the little boy all share dinner together and fall asleep at the blacksmith's place, while the boy tells of Cattleya doing battle with a giant demon dragon or something. As they all go to sleep in nearby beds, Echidna gets up and licks her lips over the sight of Reina's vulnerable body. Meanwhile, Nanael tries to trick God like Prometheus style by filling her bottle of Sacred Milk with some other drink but ends up filling it with grape wine. In her attempt to locate suitable milk, she stumbles across the dwarven girl, who gets drunk off some of the wine.

The dwarven girl waits until the tit-biting snake lady leaves and challenges the gigantic boobs to a fight. Reina gets out to help them but accidentally gives Rana his first view of a totally naked female body with comparatively smaller boobs. Reina uncovers Cattleya's demon killing sword and tosses it to her as the shota grabs onto the huge breasts for support. She then fastens her under her enormous left balloon as she cleaves the dwarf girl's ax in pieces and wins the Queen's Blade match.

Later, she fixes up Reina's sword and gives Nanael some of her own milk (don't ask where it came from) to replace the stuff she failed to keep in the bottle. Nanael shakes her boob in thanks and then the two set off down the road. Then they run into the slightly more interesting characters Shizuka, Tomoe, and Risty. Then again, you aren't watching this for the characterization.


  • Japanese Name: "Sekishin ~ Bukiya to Kōtetsu Hime" (赤心~武器屋と鋼鉄姫)
  • Opening Theme: "Get the Door" by Rie Ohashi
  • Ending Theme: "Memories and Promises" - Omoide to Yakusoku (思い出と約束) by Ayako Kawasumi, Mamiko Noto, and Aya Hirano

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masaru Yokoyama Music Anime Composer.


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