Since I'm Not Popular, The Weather's Bad

Since I'm Not Popular, The Weather's Bad is an anime episode of It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! that was released on 07/22/2013
It's a very rainy, windy day. Tomoko forgets her textbook, but she can't bring herself to ask the boy next to her to let her see his, and she doesn't have friends in other classes to borrow one from. She tries to erase her presence and go unnoticed, but the teacher spots her easily. Ruining her luck, Tomoko starts home in the rain, but another tragedy awaits as she stands over a flooded channel, watching the water lapping at the bottom of the bridge...


The Weather's Bad

Where's your book?
Where's your book?

It's raining. At school, Tomoko hears a girl talking about how the rain and wind make her hair frizzy. Tomoko's hair seems messy as normal and unaffected by the weather. Before class starts, Tomoko realizes she forgot her textbook. She isn't comfortable asking her neighbor to share, and doesn't have friends in other classes she could borrow from. Tomoko tries to pretend she's invisible and hopes no one notices her. However the teacher quickly catches her, and after grilling her for a few minutes has her share textbooks with her neighbor. Tomoko is a little shaken from being put on the spot.

Tomoko gets pulled away from danger
Tomoko gets pulled away from danger

After school Tomoko realizes that her umbrella isn't in the drying rack and might have been stolen. It is still raining heavily. Tomoko is infuriated that some scumbag has stolen her umbrella and is still living happily knowing that someone like her has to walk home in the rain. Just as Tomoko swears death upon this person, she realizes she put her umbrella in the other drying rack. Tomoko heads home under her umbrella. Tomoko crosses a bridge over a flooded waterway and admires the rushing water a bit, but is grabbed away from the bridge by a man. The man reprimands her for doing something so dangerous. And with that, Tomoko is seething that two old guys have lectured her today (the first being her teacher).

"It&squot;s raining, isn&squot;t it?"
"It's raining, isn't it?"

A gust of wind breaks Tomoko's umbrella. Tomoko takes shelter at a nearby park and wonders what she did to deserve all this. Then two boys join her under the shelter since their umbrellas broke too. The boys begin to talk to her. Tomoko tries to find something to say and simply says "it's raining". After some time passes, Tomoko gets tense and tries to make a joke to the boys, but they don't hear her. When Tomoko repeats the joke, they don't laugh. Tomoko is heartbroken and about to cry, so she tries to leave. One of the boys says it's still raining. Tomoko tries to make another joke by saying she has to go to the restroom, but again they don't laugh because they couldn't tell it was a joke from the way Tomoko spoke. In the restroom Tomoko eyes are puffy and red after crying. When she comes out from the restroom, the boys are gone but it's still raining. Tomoko falls asleep on the bench. While she is asleep, the boys return from buying umbrellas and leave an umbrella for her. When Tomoko wakes she sees the umbrella beside her, but doesn't know it's from the boys. As she heads home she starts to wish that for once a guy would be nice to her.

Tomoko in gym class the next day, while her brother rests at home
Tomoko in gym class the next day, while her brother rests at home

When Tomoko's brother arrives home, his umbrella broke too, so his mother tells him to bathe right away. The next day, Tomoko doesn't feel like going to school, second period is gym and she can't as easily fake an illness to skip. Tomoko notices that her brother is not at breakfast. Her mother explains that he's sick and sleeping. Tomoko thinks it's unfair that she has to struggle at school everyday while he stays in bed. During gym, the students practice basketball in groups of 5. Tomoko can't get a group, but she notices a group of 4 girls just sitting and chatting on the side, so she sits with them to make it seem like she is in their group. The girls talk about a silly psychological test to see whether someone is a virgin, probably not a virgin or celibate. Tomoko does the test in her head and she turns out to be celibate. Tomoko thinks this is stupid and decides to spend the rest of gym class fantasizing about being a top sniper-assassin-spy.

"I&squot;ll be by your side."
"I'll be by your side."

Unfortunately as Tomoko fantasizes, she is hit by a stray basketball causing her to pass out, is sent to the nurse's office, who sends her home to rest. Tomoko successfully staying home during school, quickly texts Yuu the "psychological test" from earlier to see how she responds, then starts playing games. But then Tomoko gets the bright idea of spending time in her brother's room, in the hopes of catching his cold and staying home from school tomorrow too. Tomoko plants herself in Tomoki's room. Tomoki ignores her and goes back to sleep. When their mother comes in, Tomoko lies by saying she came to take care of Tomoki. Their mother then has Tomoko change the towel and feed him apple slices when he wakes up. Tomoko eats them for herself.

Classmates come to see Tomoki
Classmates come to see Tomoki

Tomoko answers the door since her mother is busy in the kitchen. It's a female classmate of Tomoki's dropping off a class handout. She asks about how Tomoki is feeling. Tomoko says he's sleeping, so they leave. It sounded like they wanted to see Tomoki. Tomoko proceeds to take the finished porridge upstairs to feed Tomoki. Out of jealousy, Tomoko spills some hot porridge on Tomoki's face, and Tomoki kicks his sister for doing so. Tomoko starts crying, saying why is it that none of her classmates come for her, but her brother gets visitors. Tomoko spends the night sleeping on the floor in a futon beside her brother's bed. The next day, Tomoki goes to borrow games from Tomoko and it looks like Tomoko caught her brother's cold, so her weekend is ruined. Tomoko gets a reply from Yuu, her response shows that she is "probably not a virgin".

Points of Interest

  • "Let me cry in here where it's full of cold germs." Tomoko crying under her brother's blanket.
  • During gym class Tomoko asks if this is "Kuroki's Basketball" which is a reference to manga and anime series Kuroko's Basketball.

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