Since I'm Not Popular, I'll See My Old Friend

Since I'm Not Popular, I'll See My Old Friend is an anime episode of It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! that was released on 07/15/2013
Tomoko is enjoying her "Yandere Boys' Verbal Abuse" CD in her room when her phone rings. The caller is her friend from middle school, Yuu-chan. Yuu-chan was plain and geeky in middle school, but Tomoko hasn't seen her since they graduated. Realizing that Yuu-chan will probably ask her how high school life is going, Tomoko sets out to live a fulfilling high school life that she can tell her old friend all about...


I'll See My Old Friend

Throwing up from eating too much and running to school
Throwing up from eating too much and running to school

At home, Tomoko receives an unexpected call from her middle school friend Yuu Naruse. Yuu asks to meet with Tomoko on Saturday. Tomoko accepts. She remembers Yuu as being plain and geeky with slightly above average grades. They haven't seen each other since graduation, so she will probably ask about her highschool experience so far. The next day Tomoko eats a large breakfast and is positive about putting the past behind her and having a fun high school experience that she can tell Yuu about. Unfortunately, due to eating so much for breakfast, Tomoko throws up on her way to school and regrets doing something different for once.

Maybe they'll think I'm cute if I eat?
Maybe they'll think I'm cute if I eat?

As classes begin, Tomoko things glumly that the only thing she has gotten better at since high school started was her ability to "pretend to wake up from pretending to be asleep". Tomoko's stomach starts growling, she must have thrown up her whole breakfast earlier and is now really hungry. Tomoko thinks that maybe if she starts eating early it might be cute like those anime heroines who are always hungry! So during first break she eats a bit of her lunch, but no one notices. During second period, 2 students in front of her notice the smell of someone's lunch and start joking about "who would eat lunch so early?" As Tomoko wallows in embarrassment and spite, she ponders about the school trip they will go on in Second Year. However, the more she thinks about it, the more the whole idea of a "group mentality" makes her feel queasy.

Tomoko uses second break rest in the nurse's office. Tomoko sees a boy resting in a bed next to her. Finally Tomoko has something positive to tell Yuu on Saturday. After school, she passes by the baseball field and quietly ridicules the female team manager for probably having a crush on one of the team members. When Tomoko has to use an overhead walkway, she runs into a young couple flirting with each other and Tomoko thinks to herself that they should just break up now before things get awkward and disappointing. Tomoko catches a glimpse of the girl's panties as she walks ahead of her, and Tomoko takes a moment to appreciate the sunset, feeling that a lot has happened that day.

Tomoko's portrait of Hatsushiba
Tomoko's portrait of Hatsushiba

It's Friday already and Tomoko has made a short list of things to tell Yuu about her highschool experience, which include her sleep in the nurses office and the number of fluorescent light-bulbs in the school. Tomoko and another male student, Hatsushiba, are called to the office for missing recent Art classes. They both haven't submitted a portrait for the latest assignment, so are told to stay after school together to do it. After school, Hatsushiba finishes his portrait in a hurry and leaves before Tomoko can even start hers. Tomoko, thinking that Hatsushiba just scribbled something down, doesn't put much effort into her portrait of him. But when looking at Hatsushiba's portrait of her she makes a copy of it for herself.

Yuu's new look
Yuu's new look

With so much going on, Tomoko isn't sure what to first tell Yuu when they meet tomorrow. To Tomoko's surprise, when she meets Yuu the next day, Yuu is dressed really pretty, without glasses, and smells nice. They go to a coffee shop and Tomoko is amazed by how much Yuu has changed. Yuu explains that all the girls at her school dress themselves up a lot, so she started wearing contacts so she wouldn't stand out. Yuu asks if Tomoko still watches anime and reads manga. Tomoko says yes, and Yuu is relieved because at her school she has no one else to talk with about anime and manga. Maybe Yuu hasn't changed so much after all. And with that Tomoko and Yuu have fun passing the time talking about recent anime.

It's the end of the day and...
It's the end of the day and...

Happy with how things are turning out Tomoko invites Yuu to go with her to the arcade and have fun like they used to in middle school. They spend the rest of the day playing together at the arcade, reading manga and going to the park. Yuu comments how it is always fun to be with Tomoko. Yuu heads home for the day and says they should hang out again and will be in touch. Tomoko blurts out to Yuu that high school isn't as fun as she thought, but she is still trying hard and Yuu should keep it up too. Yuu thanks her again, saying that she was upset about something stupid with her first boyfriend. Tomoko, shocked that Yuu has a boyfriend, drowns out Yuu's voice by putting on her headphones to listen to her Yandere Boys audio track.

Points of Interest

  • Hatsushiba is part of the Manga Research Club at school. His portrait of Tomoko was drawn in a moe anime style. However, after the credits it is revealed that Hatsushiba only knows how to draw one kind of female face, so all his female characters look very similar.

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