Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Have a Good Dream

Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Have a Good Dream is an anime episode of It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! that was released on 07/29/2013
Tomoko reads on the internet that sleeping on one's stomach can lead to sexual dreams, so she immediately tries it, but has nothing but nightmares. The next day in class, a sleep-deprived Tomoko overhears some girls talking about being molested on a train. Tomoko begins to wonder why she never gets molested and calls her friend Yuu-chan to ask if it's ever happened to her..


I'll Have a Good Dream

Girls talking about being molested
Girls talking about being molested

It's 2a.m. and Tomoko is awake browsing the net in her dim-lit room. Tomoko reads an article saying that sleeping on one's stomach increases the chances of having sexual dreams. She tries it but only has bad dreams and wakes up after a few minutes. Tomoko keeps trying but fails and ends up going the night without any real sleep. During her quiz the next day at school, she dozes off and seems to be having a sexual dream. Just as Tomoko tries to figure out what it was that might have helped her have a sexual dream during the quiz, she overhears a girl saying she was molested on the train to school. Another girl says she had been molested 4 times. Tomoko thinks these girls are just playing up their sex appeal. Tomoko realizes that she has never been molested, and on top of that no one ever sits next to her on the train.

Tomoko rides the train home alone
Tomoko rides the train home alone

When she gets home, Tomoko starts to wonder what she lacks such that she has not been molested. Tomoko calls up her friend Yuu to ask if she has ever been molested. Tomoko lies saying that she her butt was rubbed on the train today. Yuu says she has not been molested, explaining that she always rides with friends so she is okay. Yuu worries about Tomoko since Tomoko rides the train alone. Weirdly, Tomoko feels a sense of defeat when she realizes that maybe every high school girl except her may have been molested. On the train to school tomorrow, Tomoko wonders what's so great about being liked by perverts anyway. The train stops due to a delay, but is back up after 15 minutes. At the next stop, dozens of passengers board the train, pushing Tomoko inside. When the train sways, Tomoko feels something long and hard poke at her just under her crotch. Tomoko fears it might be a molester. Tomoko tries getting off the next stop, but for whatever reason, whatever is between her crotch stops her from doing so. She gets off at the next train, grabbing the thing between her legs. Everyone is staring at her. The thing between Tomoko's legs actually turns out to be a wooden naginata. The girl whom it belongs to apologizes profusely. Tomoko calls Yuu to tell her that "she just got raped by a naginata".

Tomoko meets with Yuu
Tomoko meets with Yuu

In class, Tomoko hears girls viewing a swimsuit magazine. Tomoko notices that she can see the girls' bras through their white shirts. But Tomoko is just wearing a tanktop underneath. The panties Tomoko wears are also just the ones that her mom buys at the supermarket. Tomoko starts to think that maybe if she wore sexy underwear she would be more confident and have more friends. Tomoko is now determined to buy cute panties. Tomoko calls Yuu for help shopping for cute panties. When they meet, Yuu is wearing kneesocks, and her skirt is really short. Tomoko wonders what it will take for her to look cute. Yuu takes Tomoko to a specialized women's underwear shop. Tomoko is amazed, it seems like the underwear is even scented. Tomoko begins to think that Yuu is really cute, and if she were her boyfriend she would be really hard.

What the?
What the?

The next day, Tomoko doesn't want her brother and mother to find out about her new panties. She is still too embarrassed to wear them. She goes to school and somehow has lost her panties already. Since it's a really hot day she starts fanning herself. Tomoko somehow was holding her panties in her pocket the whole time and starts fanning herself with her new underwear. A boy in her class sees her doing so, and Tomoko dies of embarrassment. She goes to the washroom to tear up her new panties.

Tomoko falls asleep to BL and a massager
Tomoko falls asleep to BL and a massager

On her way home she stops by the game store to buy a new BL game. BL isn't really Tomoko's preferred genre, but she is up for a change of pace. She also receives a complementary lottery draw. Tomoko wins the 3rd place prize, an electronic massager (basically a large vibrator). Tomoko is embarrassed to be walking home with a BL game and a massager, since people might get the wrong idea. Tomoko plays the BL while holding the massager to her neck. Tomoko starts to relax and eventually falls asleep on the floor. Tomoko's father comes home with cake and goes to Tomoko's room to check on her. Tomoko's father quietly turns off the massager, the TV and tucks Tomoko into bed.

Points of Interest

  • Although molest is a very strong word, it can include almost any type of sexual abuse that is forced upon or undesired by one party.
  • "Chikan" is the Japanese term used to describe public molestation, often involving groping in crowded trains, which is a real problem in Japan. The "beware of chikan" poster that Yuu passes by on the street is not unusual.
  • In Japan, there have been several cases of school girls selling their worn underwear to interested men. Some girls charge more for the longer they wear them.

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