Simon is a anime/manga character in the The Seven Deadly Sins franchise
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Simon is the samurai in Dawn Roar.


Simon's Origin's are currently unknown aide from his recruitment for Dawn Roar after the disbandment of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Simon is created by Nakaba Suzuki as a minor character for the franchise. He has no information regarding his character design.



Despite being a male, Simon has a very feminine appearance. He is of lean build and shorter stature, much like a child (it is unknown if Simon is a child or not currently), has long silver hair, light skin, blue eyes and no facial hair. He wears a full body suit of crimson armor that is more similar in appearance to Samurai armor rather than Knight armor.


Simon is a calm and collected fighter but can become upset, such as his disappointment towards Threader for ordering a retreat. He also can show remorse for his lost comrades.


  • Threader - Simon's teammate and leader.
  • Dawn Roar - His troupe. The group meant to replace the Seven Deadly Sins.

Story Arcs

Armor Giant Arc

Dawn Roar facing the Armor Giant
Dawn Roar facing the Armor Giant

Simon and the rest of Dawn Roar departed on the orders of Helbram to kill the infamous Armor Giant. Simon is first seen alongside the rest of his comrades in a deadlock with the Armored Giant. It had killed all the Knights and only the Holy Knights of Dawn Roar were left. They were all motionless as in a battle of this caliber, whoever made the first move was left vulnerable. When the naive young local boy named Pelio entered the middle of their battlefield, he distracted the Armored Giant and all at once, Simon and all of Dawn Roar lunged at it, inflicting heavy wounds, however they did not succeed in killing it due to the arrival of three members of the Seven Deadly Sins in that instant. The situation changed drastically. The Deadly Sins Meliodas, Ban and King would not allow them to attack the Giant as they believed it was their old comrade Gowther. The two forces engaged each other. Simon had to cut of his own comrade Hugo's arm when the latter was struct by King's Chastiefol which began petrifying him from the arm. Later, Simon was set to attack Meliodas, who he was surprised had a similar small stature as himself. However, Threader ordered all of Dawn Roar to stand down when a compromise was made with the Seven Deadly Sins. They returned to Lyonesse after receiving the Giant's head unchallenged after the Sins discovered that it was not their comrade.

Kingdom Infiltration Arc

Dawn Roar were present in Lyonesse when the Seven Deadly Sins infiltrated the Kingdom. The leader Threader was separate from them and after learning the truth about the Deadly Sins' innocence, he rushed to the King, who had been betrayed and imprisoned in his chambers by Great Holy Knight Hendricksen's faction. Simon and the others found Threader hurting himself trying to breakthrough the magical barrier that imprisoned the King. The King ordered the others to restrain Threader to keep him from hurting himself further. Just the, The Seven Deadly Sins and Great Holy Knight Dreyfus suddenly appeared via Merlin's teleportation, alarming Dawn Roar but given that their leader Threader had learned the truth, both groups did not engage in battle, instead they joined forces. Merlin was able to easily dispel the barrier and they freed King Bartra and the recently captured Elizabeth Lyonesse.

Moments later however, the Castle was attacked by Hendricksen who was further empowered by Demonic Energy. The Seven Deadly Sins, Dawn Roars and most Holy Knights in the Kingdom combined forces to take on the monster. Simon landed his Ring technique on Hendricksen but ultimately their attacks did little. In the end it was the Seven Deadly Sins who took the helm and led the Kingdom to victory, the Captain of them, Meliodas dealing the finishing blow. Later, Simon and Threader were seen together mourning the loss of Weinheidt their comrade.

Powers & Abilities

As a Holy Knight of Lyonesse Kingdom, Simon must have great magical and physical power. He seems quite capable of keeping up with the other members of Dawn Roar.


Long Sword

Simon wields a sword that is abnormally long. Couples with his smaller stature, the blade is longer than he is tall. It resembles a Japanese Odachi.




Simon Slashes his sword upwards and creates a gust of what appears to be wind that encircles him and expands outwards, cutting enemies in it's path.

General Information Edit
Name: Simon
Name: サイモン
Romanji: Saimon
Gender: Male
1st manga book: The Seven Deadly Sins #7
1st anime episode: The Seven Deadly Sins #14
1st anime movie:
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