Simeon Girls Force

Simeon Girls Force is an anime episode of NEEDLESS that was released on 07/30/2009

According to Disk, Adam Blade is part of a failed experiment that was trying to create another Second (read: Jesus-like figure), and to prove that she's not lying, she makes a giant capsule appear from the side of her head, and shows a movie about a silhouetted not-Jesus making people in Black Spot happy after the nuke hit before he disappeared. Suddenly, two intruders appear at the entrance to Iron Mountain, and they easily destroy all of the Testaments sent to defend the base. They are two little girls named Kuchinashi (a mute yelllow-haired girl with a "Fragrance" power who communicates with a pen and notepad) and Setsuna (blue-haired girl who can attack faster than the speed of sound, despite the fact that she is somehow able to shout out her attack names before they hit. Yes, that sound you hear is a catgirl dying in the background.)

Eve decides to go after Setsuna, while Adam Blade attacks Kuchinashi. Eve at first has trouble adapting to the awesome speed of Setsuna, but soon manages to hit her. Meanwhile, Adam is paralyzed by Kuchinashi's fragrance while he says dirty things to her. After memorizing her attacks he counters by pulling a bouquet of flowers out of nowhere and asking her out. She responds by smacking him into a nearby wall. As the fight scenes are going on, Teruyama/Uchida is stuck between a pair of blast doors and can't move.

Back near the core, Mio wants to go to the bathroom, and asks Cruz to help walk her there. Cruz wonders how Mio remembered his name when everyone calls him "Yamada", and after taking hold of her teddy bear finds that it's heavy enough to crush his hands. Mio reveals her own Fragment power, which is called "Power," and knocks Cruz out. Then she easily breaks through the blast doors with her superhuman strength to join the rest of the Pretty Girl Squad (if you didn't see this coming, you didn't watch the ending theme) near the entrance with Cruz as a hostage. However, Eve interferes again by disguising herself as one of them and attacking.

Back where Uchida has been almost crushed to death by the blast doors, the team finds a ransom note saying if they want Cruz back they'll have to go to Simeon HQ. However, Cruz himself shows up. Back outside, the Pretty Girl Squad suddenly finds out that Eve had disguised herself as the captured Cruz. After disarming Mio, she smacks Kuchinashi and Setsuna all by herself. While gloating, her victory is cut short as Mio's incredibly heavy teddy lands on Eve's head and cracks her skull, knocking her out by accident. The girls decide to settle for taking Eve hostage instead of Cruz and head back home.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Minori Chihara ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Mio ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Yui Makino ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Kentarou Itou ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Satoru Nishizono Series Composition
Hiromi Kato Character Artist/Designer
Masayuki Sakoi Director Anime Director and Animator.


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