Simca is a anime/manga character in the Air Gear franchise
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Known as Simca the Swallow, Migratory Bird, or Tsubame. She is the leader of the Air Treck team called Genesis.


 Often known as the Migratory Bird, Simca is the leader of a large and powerful Air Trecks team known as Genesis. She was created as part of a bioengineering experiment, the  Gravity Children project, to create a team of people that could maintain the Trophaeum Tower. She, along with the other children, escaped taking their AT's with them, the tools they used to move around the tower, thus introducing them to the world.

Appearance and personality

Simca has extremely long, pink hair, that separates into two tails, and usually wears a police cap and goggles, along with a one-piece, short skirted sailors uniform. Later in the series she is given a much short haircut. She has the "body and face of an idol", best represented by her large breasts and great beauty.

She is a  strong, confident young woman and someone well known around the air treks circuits for her impressive skill and technique as a skater. She is also a temptress,  tease and flirt, which she uses to great effect, along with her beauty, to manipulate people, mostly men, to get what she wants and to steer events as she sees fit. Behind a cheerful, happy-go-lucky way of presenting herself to most people around her, she hides a sense of extraordinary personal ambition to become great and powerful, although she realises that may not be possible without help, despite her great talents. This help soon comes in the shape of a boy named Minami "Ikki" Itsuki, whom she believe soon after their first meeting that he will become the next "Wind King". She begins to manipulate and mound him into someone she will be able to follow to eventually achieve her goals. Ikki proves to be more resistant than most, despite being infatuated with Simca, and her plans begin to unravel. 
As events start to escalate and enemies begin to draw in, and despite Simca's earlier confidence, she begins to worry about the safety of the people she cares about, as well as herself, revealing many deeply held and dark insecurities about herself, which she has always tried to repress. She eventually accepts her fate to is crippled and hospitalised. After that, she begins to find her mental strength again and decides to help Ikki in his war. 


When first introduced, she works at a store called Mamurasaki Sports, where, among other equipment, Air Trecks and Air Treck parts are sold. Although part time, she quits later on to dedicate time to her team, Genesis. Simca's intent is to gather all the Kings, and their Regalia, for the purpose of conquering the Trophaeum tower, and acquiring the Sky Regalia. She takes a great interest in Ikki, whom she believes is destined to one day become the legendary Shitaku, and who has practically idolized her since watching her ride AT through his neighborhood. Despite protests, she convinces Ikki to take the Storm Rider team Genesis under his leadership after Kogarasumaru's triumph over Behemoth, and her interactions with Ikki eventually draws the ire of the new Sleeping Forest team, led by Noyamano Ringo.  
She also appears to have a somewhat romantic interest in Ikki, and is not hesitant to allow him to grope her breasts. Though Ikki has no objections, and appears to have a crush on Simca, it is Ringo who always stops Simca from getting out of hand. These actions are not so persistent, and after the defeat of Behemoth, her character takes a dramatic change which is noted by Spitfire soon after.

 At a later point, Simca had her hair cut short and her usual care-free attitude of "Migratory Bird" all but disappears, especially when anything related to Ikki is concerned. She constantly tried to get Ikki to formally sign on as head of Genesis  but he refused, even calling her his "enemy" something that brought tears to her eyes moments before she was attacked and injured by Sleeping Forest.  After recovering consciousness she is bound to a wheelchair due to injuries sustained from Om's Bubblegum Crisis attack. This is proven to be only temporary, as revealed by Ringo. In reality, the 6 months of recovery is long enough to keep Simca out of harm's way in the upcoming battle.

After being released from the hospital and after the intentions of the Takeuchi brothers are revealed, she is seen on board Nike's ship, where he aggressively expresses his sexual attraction to her by sexually assaulting her, and she plays along, although she prays for Kogarasumaru's safety soon after. Simca is again seen meeting with Ringo,   in her Croissant Mask guise, and Kururu Sumeragi to give Ikki the way to enter the Gram Scale tournament since they were disqualified. A struggle to see who could pass this information to Ikki first soon ensued but is interrupted when Kazu found out about the method and told Ikki himself. Simca then waits for a helicopter to pick her up once the meeting was over. Ikki asks to go on a "date" with her once the tournament ends, telling her to meet in the place where he discovered AT's and her for the first time, by which he means if she would like to run with him after everything is over. Simca accepts the invitation and after she returns with Nike and Sora, she says the reason why she likes him so much is because of he is able to look so strong in one small moment, and is seen crying tears of happiness.  
It is discovered that Simca was one of the first-generation Gravity Children, a  bioengineering experiment to create a team of people that could maintain the Trophaeum Tower research facility, along with Spitfire, Kilik, Sora and others. She is also Kilik's twin sister. 


 It is later revealed that Simca, under Makigami Ine's wing, was one of the founding members of Tool Toul To when the original Sleeping Forest was still around; and apparently held an exceptional amount of talent as a Tuner. She witnessed the aftermath of Takeuchi Sora, the original Wind King and candidate for the Sky King title, being betrayed by Kilik, the former Gem King.  

She is currently on board genesis ship watching over Mimasaka Ryo unconscious body, but when Ikki and the AT gang alliance arrives she also sings to him for the ships intercom trying to inspire him to win his upcoming battle. 

Simca is later confronted by Drake while she attempts to free Gorgon. He quickly rips off Simca's clothes and begins to tell her that Gorgon is an important hostage, and that they must not let her go or else Genesis will not be able to control Aeon Clock or the Sano Corporation. Simca tells Drake that Sano will definitely come, and she starts to taunt him for messing with an innocent girl like herself. Drake grabs Simca violently telling her to shut her mouth, and he voices his confidence that Sano will not show up to rescue her, the reason being his opponent is the new powerful flame king of Genesis, Alexander Locke. Afterwards Drake becomes distracted when Gorgon regains consciousness, and Simca quickly incapacitates him with her wheelchair. She later frees Gorgon and tells her they need to figure out a way to get off the ship. 

Her role and situation following on from this is currently unknown. 


Simca is a rider of the Ring Road. She is also said to be just as skilled as Kururu, considering her previous association with Tool Toul To. She wears unique looking black boot-style stiletto AT's with a single wheel, although they don't seem to be out of the ordinary. She is masterful in the art of riding, being able to perform difficult tricks, run fast, and climb buildings, but she lacks actual fighting abilities. 


Simca's name may have been influenced by the French automaker of the same name, who's logo depicts a swallow.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Rie Tanaka
Ayako Kawasumi
Monica Rial
Rank Game #1145 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Simca
Name: シムカ
Romanji: Shimuka
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Air Gear #1
1st anime episode: Air Gear #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Migratory Bird
The Swallow
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