Silvery Box

Silvery Box is an anime episode of Karneval that was released on 05/22/2013


— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Silvery Box
Shirogane no Kushige
Theme Music
OpeningHenai no Rondo
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Earlier, Hirato reads the report on the parade in front of Tsukumo and Yogi, and he instructs them to head to Rinoll, the crystal town, as a reward. Yogi yells out in frustration in the blizzard. Azana gives Yogi and his group, a minature snowman called Yukkin. When Yogi hugs the snowman, he marvels at how warm the snowman feels against his cheeks. Gareki gives Yukkin to Nai. Meanwhile in a meeting, Akari informs his superiors that the best way is to observe Nai since Niji are rare specimens that have died in countless closed experiments. Hirato states that Nai will bring the Varuga to them and says that he will deal with Nai if things turn for the worse. Akari grabs Hirato and tries to talk sense to him. Tsukitachi assures Akari that Hirato would not kill Nai and that he wanted to prevent the superiors from dissecting Nai.

After exploring the mansion a bit, Yogi and the others venture forth in the snow storm. The others find Yukkin missing. Kiharu and Kagiri find Yukkin trapped in a hole. Nai uses his ears to track down Yukkin. Meanwhile, Kiharu looks forward in confronting Circus while Kagiri looks forward in nabbing items from Circus. Yogi jumps down the long tunnel with Yogi. Gareki follows them. Yogi tells Tsukumo to be on lookout. Inside the tunnel, Nai finds a doll of some sorts. Above the tunnel, Tsukumo hugs Yukkin when Yukkin hops to her. Kagiri leaps in front of Tsukumo. Above the surface, Tsukumo fights with Kiharu. Yogi jumps from the tunnel with Gareki and Nai using the bomb that Gareki had made. Yogi tells Tsukumo to take Nai to a safe place. When Yogi insists on protecting Gareki, Gareki didn't realize Yogi was serious about being his friends. Gareki states that he will provide support since he acknowledges Yogi's strength. Kiharu gets frustrated with Kagiri who wants the thermal jackets from Yogi and Gareki. He asks Kagiri to let him go all out. Kagiri uses an item that blinds Yogi and Gareki with a flash of light. After Kiharu grabs Yogi and grinds him into the snow, Yogi passes out when the bandage on Yogi's cheek falls off. Vines start growing out of the ground. Yogi wakes up with a sadistic personality and screams out like a lunatic.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Toshie Kawamura Character Artist/Designer
Touya Mikanagi Original Concept Touya Mikanagi is a mangaka.
Eiji Suganuma Director


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