SILVER SPOON Season 2 #1 -- Special Review

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I grew up in a semi-rural area which had an agricultural school like the one depicted in SILVER SPOON 2. Similar to a vocational school they provide firsthand experience with farming and farm animals, which is incredibly useful if you're going to own your own farm someday or want to become a veterinarian. SILVER SPOON does a great job showing just how hard these kids work, all the while going through the same ups and downs that all kids growing up do.

While the change in setting is a welcome one, it seems to come at the expense of character. Very few of them feel like fully fleshed out people, but rather archetypes with anime-styled gimmicks for comedy. When I want to know more about the personality of a horse than I do about your protagonist, your story has some fundamental flaws.

As he enters the fall semester of his first year at agricultural high school, Yugo Hachiken gets saddled with extra responsibilities when his graduating sempai select him to be the vice president of the afterschool equestrian club. Combined with the strained relationship he already has with some of the other students, be they romantic entanglement or rivalry clashing philosophies, his previously disciplined life is going to have to go through some major restructuring.

This reentry into the series is chockfull of one of my most hated narrative devices: the flashback. They're helpful to reestablish character relationships and refresh viewers on major plot points, and that's ok. When you flash back to a scene that happened in the very same episode, however—and they occurred less than a minute ago—my eyes roll into the back of my head and away from your show.

SILVER SPOON 2 is a little slow and a little bland, but the occasional bits of novelty are as refreshing as a crisp autumn breeze. Just go into it with the expectation that sometimes that breeze will also be downwind of the horse stables.

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I wasn't a slice of life fan, but when I heard Hiromu Arakawa did the manga, I gave this show a try. I like it so much because of the comedy and the characters. I relate to Hachiken because hell, I didn't know what to do after high school. I thought of working instead of going to college. Anyways, folks should give this a show a try. I'm trying to think up some flaws of this show. I don't know. I guess I'm too soft.

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It a nice show with some good life lessons and character development.

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