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Silver Claiming is a anime/manga concept
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Silver Claiming is an ability (found in Rave Master franchise) that allows one to manipulate silver to create weapons, create moving objects, and repair metallic items.


Silver Claiming is an ability to create things out of silver.


Hamrio Musica is talented young man who learns from his master, Rize, on how to shape silver and use it. He seeks the Silver Ray to destroy it because of Rize's request before he died.

Reina is an Oracion Seis member who also seeks the Silver Ray.

Powers and Abilities

Hamrio Musica's object is his silver skull necklace; Reina's object is the six star Dark Bring called White Kiss.

Silver Spear
Silver Spear
Musica uses the Silver Spear to inflict damage and as for defense. Main attacks of the Silver Spear are Silver Typhoon.
Appearances: Musica Arc, Shuda Arc, Mystery of Elie Arc, Tower of Din Arc, Symphonia Arc
Silver Whip
Silver Whip
Musica uses his whip to catch his enemies, destroy projectiles, and uses as a rope.
Appearances: Musica Arc, Shuda Arc, Tower of Din Arc, Symphonia Arc
Silver Shield
Silver Shield
Musica uses his shield to protect himself. In his battle with Reina at Symphonia continent, his shield could not protect against Reina's Silver Emperor attack.
Appearances: Shuda Arc, Symphonia Arc
Silver MalletMusica uses a silver mallet to attack one of Lance's troops.
Appearances: First appears in episode 7.
Silver Destruction
Silver Destruction
Musica uses this attack on Ltiangle which his silver acts like a whip that slowly chokes the enemy to death.
Appearances: Tower of Din Arc
Silver Emperor
Silver Emperor
Reina creates an emperor out of silver which attacks her enemies with its sword.
Appearances: Symphonia Arc
Silver RainReina can create silver from the air which strikes down on her enemies.
Appearances: Mystery of Elie Arc
Silver BondHe and Reina uses this power to merge their silver to defeat the orge.

Similarities to Fairy Tail

Like Hiro Mashima's work, Rave Master shares similarities with Fairy Tail and other series on character personalities, weapons, names, and more. For silver claiming, it is an attack and an art form which is similar to creation magic in Fairy Tail, Ice Make (Gray and Lyon) and Wood Make (Lucky). The reasons are that silver claiming and creation magic have free forms and the attacks and weapons depend on the user's creativity and style.

Hamrio Musica's style is similar to Gray Fullbuster's style since both individuals use static forms, weapons.

Reina's style is similar to Lyon Bastia and Lucky Ollieta's style. Both Reina, Lyon, and Lucky have a dynamic form which is moving objects and animals. However, Reina's technique names are not as strange as Lucky's word choice. Recently, Ultear displays her Ice Make abilities. She is able to create an attack that resembles a rose garden.

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Concept Name Silver Claiming
Japanese Name:
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Aliases Silver-Claimer
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #7
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