JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #14 - Silver Chariot

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 02/09/1990

Plot Summary

The heroes' plane crash-lands in the ocean, forcing them to continue their journey to Egypt by sea. In Hong Kong they are challenged by the deadly Polnareff, whose Stand Silver Chariot takes the form of a knight. But not all Stands have humanoid shapes. On a boat to Singapore, more enemies are waiting...and soon, Jotaro and his friends must face a horror that is not what it seems...


#124: Silver Chariot: Part 1

#125: Silver Chariot: Part 2

#126: Silver Chariot: Part 3

#127: Dark Blue Moon: Part 1

#128: Dark Blue Moon: Part 2

#129: Dark Blue Moon: Part 3

#130: Strength: Part 1

#131: Strength: Part 2

#132 : Strength: Part 3


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Hirohiko Araki artist, writer,



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