Silent Möbius Characters

Silent Möbius is an manga series in the Silent Mobius franchise
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Katsumi Liqueur

Katsumi is the daughter of the powerfull sorcerer and sorceress Gigelf and Fuyuka Liqueur. With this power she joins the AMP to fight Lucifer Hawk.

Kiddy Phenil

Kiddy Phenil was almost killed by a Megadyne. Megadyne are robots in Silent Mobius. Because of this encounter with a Megadyne she now has a cyborg body herself. She is a member of the AMP in Silent Mobius.

Lebia Maverick

Lebia Maverick is a Visionaire. Which is a person whose has a cybernetic implants in her brain to directly interface with computers. She is a member on the AMP.

Nami Yamigumo

Nami Yamigumo is a Shinto priests and exorcists. Nami Yamigumo has healing and shield magic. She is a member of the AMP.

Rally Cheyenne

Rally Cheyenne is the head of the AMP. He goal in life is hunt down and destroy the Lucifer Hawk.

Ralph Bowmers

Ralph Bowmers 1st police department.

Robert de Vice

A member of the Mobile Police unit. He falls in love with Katsumi Liqueur. He also helps AMP from time to time.

Saiko Yuki

Yuki is the end result of the super-secret goverment program called YLPER. She has precognition and clairvoyance powers. She is part of the AMP.

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