Siblings of the Atmosphere

Siblings of the Atmosphere is an anime episode of Valvrave the Liberator 2 that was released on 10/17/2013
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After breaking through Dorssian forces, the students of New JIOR have made it far enough to begin their decent onto Earth. However an untimely mistake throws the mission into peril, and siblings Akira and Satomi Renbokoji must face their dark past.
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Plot Summary

Siblings of the Atmosphere

Theme Music
Opening"Kakumei Dualism"
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On board, Takahi freaks out when Raizou comes in the cockpit with his chest exposed. Raizou shuts Takahi up by shoving a juice box's straw in her mouth. In the docking bay, the others try to talk to Akira who is all holed up in her Valvrave cockpit. When Satomi attempts, Akira uses her Valvrave to knock Satomi away. She quickly texted Satomi to go away. Takumi debriefs the team about their goal, reaching old JIOR territory Ookuma District on Earth. Meanwhile in the docking bay, Yuusuke and his friends gossip about Akira's past and how she hacked in the exams to help her brother. Elsewhere, Satomi storms out when Takahi comments that he coddle her too much. Later that night, Akira watches Shoko speak with TV guests. Akira sneaks in while wearing a box on her. Though, Marie catches her. She tells Akira that she will be Akira's friend. When Akira cancels her big brother's call, Marie remarks that she is lucky to have memories. Then, Marie grabs and fondles Akira's breast. She comments that hers is bigger.

While A-drei and X-eins are out horseback riding, Kriemhild watches H-neun who chats with some young girls about his comrades. H-neun surprises Kriemhild and notes that she has been following him. Kriemhild invites H-neun for tea. Meanwhile, L-elf has Kyuuma and Raizou hijack two Dorssians' body to sneak onto the shuttle drop. When Satomi accidentally opens the communication channel, the Dorssians navy detect their communication frequency.

Haruto and the Valvrave pilots brace themselves to protect the shuttle drop. Satomi suffers a nervous breakdown and recalls his childhood memories. His younger sister find Satomi struggling to study for his exams. Since they are approaching the atmosphere, the Valvrave pilots find their mechs overheating at an alarming rate. They can barely hold their own against a specialized Ideal. When Raizou attempts to shoot, his mech overheats. Before the Ideal could fire at Haruto's group, Akira takes Kyuumi's shield and blocks the attack. She destroys the Ideal. Though, her mech overheats, and she drifts off course.

Then, Takumi has Haruto arm himself with a familiar that dumps heat into "metal wings." Haruto punches the Ideal and dumps all of the heat into the mech, destroying it. In Akira's past, she work all night to hack into the system to give her brother good grades on his exam. Despite her attempts, she is caught by the school. In the interrogation room, Satomi states that he had no idea that Akira did it. In school, Akira gets kicked by her classmates and begs Satomi to help her. Satomi walks away from his sister. In the present, Haruto goes out to rescue Akira. Akira opens various ground control radio transmissions. Satomi uses his ability to sift through the radio channels to find the best docking point. With Satomi and Takahi's persuasion, L-elf allows them to go rescue Akira.

With Satomi's help, Akira manages to grab the drop shuttle. Later on, Haruto's group crashes into Dorssian territory. At the same time, Princess Lieselotte spots them in the sky.

Points of Interest

  • Follow Rings are used to enter the planet's atmosphere safely via drop shuttle.
  • Product Placement: The box that Akira hide herself in has the Sunrise log on it.
  • Satomi has the ability to sift through data and frequency channels.

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ELISA ED Theme Song: "Realism"
T.M.Revolution OP Theme Song: "Kakumei Dualism" (革命ヂュアリズム
Nana Mizuki OP Theme Song: "Kakumei Dualism" (革命ヂュアリズム


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