"Shyness" One Timid Maiden ~Beaten Down by the Rain~

"Shyness" One Timid Maiden ~Beaten Down by the Rain~ is an anime episode of Romeo x Juliet that was released on 04/25/2007
After Romeo leaves the Crimson Whirlwind and doctor at the canal, Curio and the blonde haired man arrive. The Governor of New Verona is informed that Romeo intervened and attempted to capture the Crimson Whirlwind himself. Also, he is told that the doctor is not the Crimson Whirlwind. The governor specualates as to whether allowed the Crimson Whirlwind to escape. He tells the secretary to make sure no information about Romeo's involvement is released. In the lower portion of the castle the captain of the police is talking to the friar. It turns out the friar is a spy for the police responsible for gathering information of the Crimson Whirlwind.

Once more, Juliet is berated for sneaking out as the Crimson Whirlwind. Conrad tells her she is now the Lady Juliet and has inherited the burden of the name of Capulet. Conrad begins again to talk about overthrowing Montague, however Juliet interrupts. She angrily questions what good would come of retaliating against Montague now. She says revenge is simply murder, and that she does not want it. Conrad states that they are not seeking revenge but reclaiming Neo Verona. Juliet heatedly replies they are the same. Conrad says even if they are the same, the task must be done. Cordelia removes Juliet from the room, taking her away to change.In her room, Juliet says she never should have become fond of irises.

Romeo is grooming his pegasus, Cielo when Benvolio approaches him. He asks Benvolio why Montague hates the Crimson Whirlwind. Benvolio replies the reason is the Crimson Whirlwind stands for rebellion against Montague. Romeo states that he believes the Crimson Whirlwind is a good person and an ally for justice. He believes his father is in the wrong when he conducts his "girl hunts." Benvolio asks if Romeo let the Crimson Whirlwind escape, and Romeo simply says the city needs the Crimson Whirlwind. Benvolio nervously looks around, telling Romeo he cannot say such things because he will become the Archduke someday. Romeo says that is all the more reason to support justice. Benvolio tells him he cannot rule a kingdom with only a sense of justice. Romeo is angered by Benvolio's statement, but realizes as Benvolio points out, he is powerless to do anything against his father.

Juliet lays in her room melancholy. Antonio attempts to coax her out of the room, however it's to no avail. Juliet and Romeo both look out their windows at the moon, longing to see one another.

The next day manhunts begin for the Crimson Whirlwind. Innocent citizens are accused of being the vigilante. The doctor makes a move to help, his wife though, holds him back. Juliet slips out of the house dressed as Odin, but runs into Willy along the way. He remarks on Odin's manner of dress--being wrapped up in a cloak. He teases Odin, saying his brooding face shows that he's worried about love. Willy tells him that worries of love will clear the instant Odin sees his beloved. Odin asks Willy not tell anyone he went out; Willy obliges.
Juliet walks to the cemetery where her parents are buried. She notices irises are growing there. She plucks a flower; smelling it, she thinks of Romeo. She laments that he is the son of Montague. She utters the line, "An iris by any other name would still smell sweet."  She echoes the famous line from the Shakespeare play, substituting iris for rose. She begs the forgiveness of her parents for loving her enemy.

She hears a pegasus approach and looks up to see Romeo. Juliet hides behind a column, watching Romeo from a distance. She realizes in her disguise, she can see Romeo without fear. She moves from her hiding place into the open. Cielo walks straight up to her. After smelling her he lays down before her. Romeo says that Cielo wants Odin to ride on his back.

Romeo asks if Odin wouldn't mind obliging him. Odin climbs onto Cielo's back, and Romeo gets on behind him. Romeo remarks that Odin smells of irises which is why Cielo was attracted to him. Together the two fly high above the city. Odin remains mostly quiet on the ride.

Antonio returns home and tells Cordelia about the terrible events in the city. Cordelia tells him he must not tell Juliet.

Romeo is enjoying the ride and tries to make conversation with Odin. He asks for Odin's name which "he" gives. Odin asks for Romeo's name. "He" thinks to himself that he is being an idiot and that Romeo's name will not change if "he" asks. Romeo simply gives his first name. Odin asks what comes after "Romeo," but Romeo refrains from telling him. Romeo says that he does not like the name that follows Romeo. Odin asks if he would abandon the rest of his name. Romeo replies if he could, he would only be Romeo. Romeo says that it would be nice if they could keep flying forever. Odin voices the same opinion.

It begins to rain, and no one knows where Juliet is. Romeo offers to return "Odin" home. Odin refuses to tell Romeo where "he" lives; he firmly states that he does not live near the Keep; he adds that he doesn't mind being wet from the rain. Romeo says that he doesn't want to go home either. He tells Odin that they will simply seek shelter from the rain.

They land at a small, empty house. Romeo presumably starts a fire and begins to strip off his wet clothes. He tells Odin to do the same. Odin, obviously wanting to protect "his" real identity, refuses, saying his body embarasses him. Romeo chides him, saying what kind of man is he to be embarrased by his body. He leaves the room to dry Cielo, and tells Odin that if he wants to take off and dry his clothes, now is the time to do it.

After Romeo leaves the room, Odin hesitates for a moment before deciding to remove "his" clothes. "He" removes his cloak, shirt, and lastly wig. Now, Juliet looks like her actual self. Romeo comes back in and stands in shock at the door. He startles Juliet who backs up and trips over the poles holding up their clothing. Romeo quickly reaches out to grab and pull her away before she can fall into the fire. The pair fall together, landing in an awkward and rather inappropriate position on the floor.

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J. Michael Tatum ADR Director (English) J. Michael Tatum is an American voice actor, ADR director, and adaptive script writer. Major voice acting roles include Kyouya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club, Isaac Dian in Baccano, and Shizuka Doumeki in xxxHolic.
Patrick Seitz Adaptation Patrick Seitz is an American voice actor and director.
Fumitoshi Oizaki Director Fumitoshi Oizaki is an animator and director best known for his work with Gonzo Studios on such anime as Kaleido Star and Romeo x Juliet.
Reiko Yoshida Series Composition
R. Bruce Elliot ADR Director (English) This was his first experience with ADR Directing.
Carly Hunter Producer (English) Carly Hunter is an anime producer for the FUNimation company.
Christopher Bevins Producer (English) Christopher Bevins is an English voice actor and ADR director working for FUNimation Entertainment.
Miharu Hirami Writer
Kurasumi Sunayama Writer
Yumiko Ishii Animator
Antimere Robinson Designer Designed the DVD Menu for the English Release.
Jun Takagi Producer
Gen Fukunaga Executive Producer Gen Fukunaga is a US executive producer for the FUNimation company.


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