Shuu is a anime/manga character in the Fist of the North Star franchise
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A blind warrior from the Fist of the North Star franchise. He is one of the Nanto Roku Seiken and turned against Souther.

Shuu is one of the Nanto Roku Seiken. This order has its origins in ancient times, originally serving as guards to en emperor. Six doors led to the emperor's chamber, and each door was guarded by a master of the Nanto Sei Ken martial art, each employing different branch styles of the form. While the emperors that they served are no more, the tradition of the six masters still exists.

Shuu originally served the Roku Sei Ken's leader Souther, but rebelled against him when the latter's cruelty became too great. Shuu formed a resistance group to fight against his former commander, but he knew that this would never be enough to stop him. For each of the Nanto Roku Sei Ken is bound to a star determining their destiny. While Shuu was directed by the Star of Benevolence, Souther was governed by the Star of Command, which meant that none of the other stars of Nanto could defeat him. Shuu's hope was to enlist the help of Kenshiro, master of Nanto Seiken's rival art Hokuto Shinken, for Hokuto always appeared when Nanto fell into disarray.

Kenshiro and Shuu had already shared some history. At a tournament between rival Nanto and Hokuto practitioners, Shuu defeated Kenshiro while the latter was still young. Though the match was to be to the death, Shuu did not wish to kill Kenshiro. Having said to have seen a "great light" within the boy, Shuu offered his own "light" in exchange for Kenshiro's life by blinding himself. This sufficiently impressed Souther, who oversaw the tournament, that he allowed Kenshiro to live.

Indebted to Shuu, and finding Souther's current actions deplorable, Kenshiro set off to put an end to Souther.

As a master of Nanto Sei Ken, Shuu is functionally superhuman, capable of performing feats of strength, speed or skill far beyond that of a normal human being. Like all Nanto masters, he can use his bare hands or feet to cleave straight through a human body. Shuu's particular style of Nanto SeiKen, Nanto Hakuro Ken, employs the legs more predominantly than the arms. Shuu is blind, however he has said that he detects the presence of other people not through conventional senses like hearing or smell but with his heart.

General Information Edit
Name: Shuu
Name: シュウ
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Shu
The Star of Benevolence
The Star of Virtue
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Super Hearing
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Unarmed Combat
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Super Speed
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