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Close friends Shurato and Gai are fighting in a martial arts tournament in modern-day Tokyo when they are hauled into another dimension and find that they have new powers bestowed by Asian gods and by shakti, animal totems with strange powers of their own. Shurato is one of the Eight Warriors of Vishnu, whose celestial kingdom is under threat of invasion from Asura. Gai is also one of these mystic warriors, but when Vishnu's treacherous general, Indra, turns the goddess into a statue and blames Shurato, Gai sides with Indra. The two close friends are now mortal enemies. Branded a traitor, can Shurato save Vishnu, her kingdom, and his friend? Can the two get back to their own lives? The series ended tragically, but six further episodes were released on video in 1991 and 1992, extending the story.

Though possessing a Hindu-mythos setting redolent of Rg Veda, this is a series aimed squarely at the teenage boy market; a decade on, transforming the shakti into flying skateboards looks like a mistake. With the guiding hand of Tatsunoko's legendary producer Ippei Kuri on the tiller, Shurato delivers the goods. It was the number-one series in Japan in its year of release.

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General Information Edit
Name Shurato
Name: 天空戦記 シュラト
Romaji: Tenku no Senki Shurato
Publisher Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd
Start Year 1989
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Aliases Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato
Heavenly Chronicle Shurato
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