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The Mutsu clan practices an ancient unarmed martial art in Edo in the early 1600s. Big brother Yakumo crosses the path of swordmasters Musashi Miyamoto and Jubei Yagyu, and of young nobleman Kisshoumaru. Kisshoumaru is really a girl, Shiori, imitating a boy to protect the family inheritance, in the style of Yotoden and Kai Doh Maru. An evil uncle wants "him"out of the way, and when Yakumo becomes "his" bodyguard the situation threatens to become even more complicated. Later episodes continue with later generations of the Mutsu clan, in the same family saga style as Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. Consequently, after episode eight it focuses more on Iori, Musashi's young pupil, and his sometime rival Takato (a Mutsu clan member), thereby allowing the action to move 20 years further on, and engineer a number of new conflicts with a number of new swordsmen from history and legend.

The action leaps ahead again, this time to the Meiji Restoration of the 19th century for the final tale, which features yet another descendant of the Mutsu clan, Izumi, who is caught up with the conflicts of the Shinsengumi in Kyoto-compare to Peacemaker Kurogane. We are thus able to see a number of other famous figures, including Ryoma Sakamoto, in the final struggle over the supremacy of the samurai, which would eventually lead to the fall of the shogunate and the establishment of modern Japan.

Based on a manga by Masatoshi Kawahara in Shonen Magazine, it's easy to see SnT's appeal-its dynasty of stubbly-faced, good-hearted heroes sits astride samurai history like the Yagyu clan (see Ninja Scroll), benefiting from action-packed careers with a vague nod toward educational storylines.

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Name Shura no Toki
Romaji: Mutsu Enmei-ryu Gaiden Shura no Toki
Publisher ?
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Untold Tales of the Mutsu Enmei School: Agent of Chaos
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