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Amu Hinamori finds three guardians that wish to help her uncover her true self and winds up having to control her multiple personalities. She also has the duty to defeat the X-Forces.

Plot Overview

Amu Hinamori was a regular elementary school student whom happens to have a "tough" and "sweet" image to her classmates simultaneously. In reality, Amu is a very shy girl and has trouble with revealing her true feelings. One night, she decided to make a wish to gain enough courage to reveal her true self . The next morning, three mysterious eggs appeared in her bed and they hatched into three "Guardian Characters" whom vow to help Amu discover her true self. Later after learning of her classmates' Guardian Characters, she learns that she must help them seek and purify the X-Forces: Eggs and Characters born from corrupted dreams.


Peach-Pit created "Shugo Chara" in 2006 and it was serialized by Kodansha's Nakayoshi Magazine. The manga got adapted into an anime series a year later, which then spawned two more seasons.

Major Characters


Amu Hinamori

A very shy and curious schoolgirl despite her "cool and spicy" image. She was granted the power to purify any X-Eggs and X-Characters after she wished to be true to herself.


Amu's first guardian to hatch and the most cheerful of them. Born from Amu's honesty and courage.


The second guardian to hatch and is the brains of the group. He was birthed from Amu's honesty and courage.


Leader of Amu's guardians despite being the third one to hatch. The desire to be more caring to others triggered her appearance.

Tadase Hotori

King of the Guardian Characters and love interest of Amu. Despite his appearance, he also happens to be extremely shy.
General Information Edit
English Name Shugo Chara!
Japanese Name: しゅごキャラ!,
Romaji: Shugo Kyara!
Publisher Kodansha
Start Year 2006
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Aliases My Guardian Characters
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