Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara! is a franchise comprised of 3 anime series, 3 manga series
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Shy Amu Hinamori struggles to overcome her reputation for reticence with the help of her three Guardian Characters, tiny beings who help show her her potential self.

Amu Hinamori is shy and quiet, but because of the punky clothing her mother dresses her in and her tendency to slip into a "stubborn mode" when confronted, she gets a reputation for being "cool and spicy," a reticent lone wolf type of person. Frustrated with this characterization, she asks her gaurdian character to change her, and wakes up one morning to find three eggs in her bed. Perplexed, she brings them to school, and each eventually hatches into a "Shugo Chara" (Guardian Character), each of whom represents one example of the kind of person Amu wishes to be. Tadase, the "King" of the gaurdians, finds out and tells the others that "she" is finally here.

Amu learns that all kids hold an egg in their soul that houses their dreams, but if those dreams are destroyed, they become "X eggs" and may even attack other people. The people who fight to prevent this from happening are the Guardians, an elite group of students at Amu's school-- Seiyo Academy --who all have their own Shugo Charas, though only Amu has three. The Guardians also operate as a sort of appointed student council at the school.  One of their number is Tadase, who is the "King's Chair," and on whom Amu has a major crush.

After being unwillingly conscripted into the Guardians, Amu learns that not only is she unique in having three Shugo Charas, she can also do a full transformation with them-- unlike the partial transformation the other Guardians can perform --allowing her to heal X-eggs back into normal ones. She's given the title "Joker's Chair" and also a magical item called the Humpty Lock. The Humpty Lock has a counterpart known as the Dumpty Key, which are related in some way to the Guardian's ultimate goal: the Embryo, a special egg that grants a wish. Unfortunately, the Dumpty Key is in the hands of a young man named Ikuto, who works for the Easter Company that is also searching for the Embryo-- and they don't mind destroying the dreams (and heart's eggs) of thousands of kids to get it. Later on Utau leaves the organization because of Amu, and Lulu replaces her.
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Name: Shugo Chara!
Name: しゅごキャラ!
Romaji: Shugo Kyara
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