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I will probably end up writing a review about Shuffle in the near future, but there is a lot about that show that I don't want to put into it because I feel that it would spoil what makes it so great.  Now yes, it is a harem show with it's typical ecchi moments, but about midway the sudden shift from the happy/comical demeanor of the show takes a sudden turn to a very emotional seriousness.  The show gets real strong in it's story as Rin finally starts making his decision about what he wants to do and who he chooses and things just seem to go down hill. 
I don't think that it would have been as dramatic as it was if the characters weren't so great, but even just some of the stuff that happens got to me.  Primula nearly being "reset", the sadness that Kaede had with Rin not choosing her, and the health issues with the reveal of why they were happening just was a lot to take in.  And near the end I knew what Rin was going to do to make Asa do what she needed to do, and it still made me flinch and cover my eyes when he cut his wrist, mainly because I've known people that have done that to themselves and it still gets to me. 
None of what happened was expected to me.  All I knew was what I saw from the first episode and the preview from FUNi (with the god awful dub, which I didn't even listen to).  So, I'm really happy to have given Shuffle a chance as it has found a place in my heart for what it did. 
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I enjoyed Shuffle when I watched it back in October of last year.  I really enjoyed the show from start to finish.
Also, how bad was the English dub?  I didn't even bother with it.
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Well, from the preview that I watched I wasn't even going to bother watching the show, it was that bad.  Only thing that convinced to get it was watching an episode online in japanese.  The DVDs default to the dub, which after listening to about 5 seconds of it I went to turn off.  So yea, pretty bad,
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I didn't mind the Shuffle dub myself and as far as the series itself, I could watch episode 10 again... and again..... and again!
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I liked the series but i did ignore most dubs i just don`t like them :P
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really? your all ok with the series ending like that?
i mean it was a really good show and the ending was cool, but their was something i hated about the ending. Ikd what it is exactly. but there should be a season 2. and no i do not consider shuffle memories as season two. i mean People your ok with this? sorry but it made me a little mad that it ended like that. i mean he gets the girl, but yet the way it was left at the end made it feel like their was going to be more. like it wasn't the end just yet. i just hate it when shows do that and leave thing like that.
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I enjoyed shuffle as well after the half way point, if you liked them I would recommend you check out Clannad and Myself Yourself, as they share quite a lot of qualities shuffle has.
Its an Ecchi anime, and a harem anime, they never end well. 
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The whole he gets the girl thing is the typical harem ending.  The way Shuffle ended it basically leaves it as yes Rin ends up with Asa, but if that wasn't the girl that you wanted him to end up with, who knows what happens after that since they are all still going after Rin.  Sure it's something that could easily be answered by a second season, but that could just end up sucking and you'd wish they wouldn't have made it.  At least with the way it ended it leaves it up to you to think whatever you want happens after that. 
and yea, shuffle memories is just a shorter retelling of the whole story with a new episode thrown in at the end that has no real impact on anything.
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i guess you guys are right... but i still don't like it... i mean at least wrap it all up and make things final. so i think there should be a season two. but oh well
do you guys think if i tell funimation about it, do you think they might concider the idea?
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This could have ended well had the story not gone for a loop half way and suicide is just a deal breaker unless you live in the fucked up world of Evangelion. 
I like the dub (but I'm biased as that is the only version I watched) but I really only like the first half so I won't own this series until it's pretty cheap.
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