Shrine of the Morning Mist

Shrine of the Morning Mist is an anime series
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Yuzu gathers four friends to become Shrine Maidens. The group protects Tadahiro and struggle to rid of the evil that Tadahiro's left eye links to.

Teenager Tadahiro Amatsu has different colored eyes-one brown, one light hazel. One conceals a dark secret, which sets masked sorcerer Michimune Ayatachi and his band of demonic aides chasing after Tadahiro. The eye is linked to the spirit world, and what it sees there is able to cross into the human world. Michimune wants to use Tadahiro to bring the Monster God into the world of men; meanwhile he'll settle for unleashing lesser monsters on mankind. But just when you need a spiritual defender, a whole harem of them turn up. Tadahiro's cousin, klutzy-but-kind trainee priestess Yuzu Hieda recruits four school friends to a shrine maiden defense force, and makes her older sister Kurako their trainer. Now the town has a fighting team to make them safe from demonic attack, and Tadahiro has a cousin who has had a crush on him since they were children, plus four of her friends, clogging up his life and our screen. The short run-time and monster-of-the-week format leaves little room for character development or plot innovation, but it's cute and repetitive enough to sell to both lovers of Tenchi Muyo! clones and those who go misty-eyed at the sight of traditionally dressed shrine maidens. Based on Hiroki Ukawa's manga, serialized in Young King Ours, the show was "conceived" by Ryoe Tsukimura, whose previous ideas have included the far superior El Hazard.

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Name Shrine of the Morning Mist
Name: 朝霧の巫女
Romaji: Asagiri no Miko
Publisher ?
Start Year 2002
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Aliases Priestess of the Morning Mist Maidens of the Morning Mist
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