Showdown! Giolla VS. Straw Hat Crew

Showdown! Giolla VS. Straw Hat Crew is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 07/13/2014


Episode Synopsis

Showdown! Giolla VS. Straw Hat Crew
Kanji決戦! ジョーラVS麦わらの一味
RomajiKessen! Jōra tai Mugiwara no Ichimi
Air Dates
July 13, 2014
July 12, 2014
MangaVol. 73 Ch. 722-723
Theme Music
Opening"Wake Up" by AAA
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Doflamingo explains how the World Government was created 800 years ago. 19 kings from 19 countries moved to live at Marie Jois. The Nefeltari Family of Alabasta is the only family who refused. The descendants of those families are the Celestial Dragons. The 19 countries that lost their royal families 800 years ago elect new kings. For Dressrosa, the new royalty is the Riku Family while the old family was Don Quixote. Approaching Green Bit from the sea, Brook betrays his crew mates for Giolla due to being artists. Giolla has her structure choke Nami's group to death. Brook asks Giolla to restore his violin, so he can play music. However, this is Brook's bluff which he cuts up Giolla.

At the stadium, Zoro arrives with Wicka and Kin'emon. Before the three arrive, Sanji hands them a map to the factory. Kin'emon notes that the stadium has been locked with bars. Inside the stadium walls, Bartolomeo spots Zoro and turns up his inner fanboy on. Out in sea, Nami orders Brook to slap the sea prism handcuffs on Giolla. However, it's too late when Giolla wakes up angry. She transform into a giant art sculpture called Heaven's Door Art. At the Dressrosa palace, Baby 5 tells Gladius to calm down before he explodes. Gladius is angry at Violet for betraying them and not following his plan or be punctual. In northeast parts of Dressrosa, Violet rides with Sanji towards Green Bit. Her clairvoyance ability tells Sanji how many Navy ships and soldiers. She cannot find Thousand Sunny since it is engulfed by Giolla's ability. Nami tries to use Weather Egg against Giolla, but her attack gets eaten by Giolla. Once Giolla spits it out in a form of a thunder bolt, Brook slashes the attack. While Brook distracts Giolla, Nami and Chopper prep the cannon. After Chopper has add all the cola fuel, Nami aims the Gaon Cannon and fires at Giolla, shattering her Heaven's Door Art. Giolla drops down into the ship and tries to attack Nami's crew. Momonosuke bashes Giolla before Nami shocks Giolla to finish her off.

Points of Interest

  • Brook makes a joke (insert Kanji) for joint to knotholes, (insert Kanji).

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name

Painting Song Bamboo Flute Slice

GiollaHeaven's Door Art
NamiWeather Egg

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Gladius and Baby 5's scene comes after Zoro and Kin'emon's scene. In the anime, it comes after Giolla had transformed into her Heaven's Door Art.

Characters & Voice Actors

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