Showdown! Can Ranma Make a Comeback?

Showdown! Can Ranma Make a Comeback? is an anime episode of Ranma ½ that was released on


Season 4 - Outta Control! 
Episode 5 


Episode Summary

 Ranma goes back to challenge Happosai for the moxa charts. however, being aware of the  Heaven Blast of the Dragon Technique,Happosai keeps his cool, despite whatever Ranma resorts to getting him furious, even being unfazed when his panty collection is burned. 
however, Ranma's trump card was used in a final fight with happosai, where he used photos of his girl form to entice happosai's lust, and along with Principal Kuno, Tatewaki and Mousse, the struck them all with the Heaven Blast of the Dragon technique.  
However, Akane rushed after Happosai when she saw the chart in her reach, but got sucked up in the whirlwind created. Ranma goes to rescue her, but in doing so, was unable to prevent the chart from shredding. he managed to get down riding on Happosai's back, who was wearing a flying squirrel outfit, and crashed into a wall and fell down. 
akane awoke first, and after she woke Ranma, they found out they had recovered all but the vital piece of the chart. Ranma, despairing, ran off, thanking everybody for their help. however, Ukyo and Cologne found the last piece of the chart with Happosai after Ranma ran off. 
Akane had run off after him, and when she caught up wityh him, she said that she's going with him if he runs away, in an attempt to cheer him up. Cologne then was able to burn Ranma's back in the counter-moxa spot, giving him back his strength, and he went off on a joyous rampage.

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Rumiko Takahashi Writer Creator of some of the most popular (and longest) comedy franchises, like Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha.


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