Shoot Out! Fishing At the Jumbo Carnival of Dreams

Shoot Out! Fishing At the Jumbo Carnival of Dreams is an anime episode of Heaven's Lost Property Forte that was released on 11/26/2010


During the Summer Festival, Mikako organizes a fishing contest at the swimming pool. There's only one way to win: reel in the curviest catch! Later, Ikaros tries to find the best way to spend her allowance.

via FUNimation

Plot Summary

The episode opens with Mikako in the New World Discovery Club telling Sohara how she's angry that she hasn't got in on any of the action recently, and decides Tomoki is her target to release her anger and frustration upon. She decides to stir things up at the festival once again, this time starting a fishing competition, only the contestants won't be trying to catch fish, they will be fishing for breasts. All of the girls (with the obvious exception of Mikako herself) have been rounded up, put into swimwear, tied up and thrown into a large pool, ready to be caught and measured. Tomoki, originally strongly against joining in with anything Mikako is in charge of, is blown away by the idea of this competition, and transforms into his female "Tomoko" form, raring to go.

Points of Interest

  • Sohara is referred to as the"Legendary Fish" in this episode, indicating that she has the largest breasts, previously it seemed that Astraea had taken Sohara's title.
  • Tomoki gave Ikaros and Nymph their first allowance money in this episode, but wasn't shown giving Astraea any.
  • Chaos is shown still alive at the bottom of the ocean at the end of the episode.


  • Opening Theme - "Heart no Kakuritsu" (ハートの確率) by Blue Drops.
  • Ending Theme - "Natsu no Ojō-san" ( 夏のお嬢さん) by Iori Nomizu.

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