Neon Genesis Evangelion #2 - Shōnen and Knife

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 03/05/1996

Plot Summary

Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 2 - A flaming sword, which turned every way

Beaten unconscious in his first sorte, Shinji recovers from an encounter he neither understands nor remembers. Moving in with his superior officer, the lovely Capt. Katsuragi, Shinji tries to start a "normal" life in school...


Stage 07: Closing Hearts.....Pg. 005

閉じゆく心 (Toji yuku kokoro)

Stage 08: Shinji's Mood.....Pg. 033

シンジご機嫌ななめ (Shinji gokigen naname)

Stage 09: The Trials of a True Fan.....Pg. 051

マニアの受難 (Mania no junan)

Stage 10: Shōnen and Knife.....Pg. 083

ナイフと少年 (Naifu to shōnen)

Stage 11: Third Child Wandering.....Pg. 107

さまよえるサード・チルドレン (Samayoeru sādo chirudoren)

Stage 12: Fumbling Towards Kindness.....Pg. 135

やさしさの輪郭 (Yasashisa no katachi)

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Writer and Artist, Neon Genesis Evangelion manga

Sound Effects Glossary

A glossary of all the Japanese sound effects used in this volume and it;e meaning. Listed by page and panel number.

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - "My Thoughts at the Moment"

Megumi Ogata - Voice of Shinji Ikari

Angel Kiss

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