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Highschool of the Dead (2007 - 7 Issues)

Highschool of the Dead is a manga series about Tatashi Komuro and his friends who fight to survive as a zombie outbreak swarms their school and killing hundreds. Banding together, they move to find safety as the world goes crazy in the search for their families.

7 issues
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Fire Fire Fire (2008 - 2 Issues)

Fire Fire Fire is the story of Jiga Kirishima who is on an adventure through a wasteland world in order to find those of this bloodline.

2 issues
Futari Bocchi Densetsu (2004 - 1 Issues)

Futari Bocchi Densetsu is a fanservice, adventure, comedy series created by Shoji Sato.

1 issue
Highschool of the Head (2011 - 1 Issues)

Highschool of the Head is a comedy manga that is a parody of Highschool of the Dead.

1 issue
Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus (2011 - 1 Issues)

Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus is a four volume collected version of the full color editions of Highschool of the Dead.

1 issue
Comic Hotmilk Magazine (2007 - 40 Issues)

Comic Hotmilk Magazine is an serialized ero-manga magazine published by Core Magazine.

40 issues
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Monthly Dragon Age Magazine (2003 - 42 Issues)

Monthly Dragon Age Magazine is a serialized manga magazine published by Fujimi Shobo.

42 issues
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Triage X (2009 - 9 Issues)

Triage X is an action manga series created by Shouji Sato. In a world of criminal corruption that threatens society, the secret Black Label organization strike to cut the cancer that the police can't with deadly surgical precision.

9 issues
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