Shocking No Breathing!

Shocking No Breathing! is an anime episode of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club that was released on 08/15/2013
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Plot Summary

Shocking no Breathing
RomajiShōgeki no Nōburījingu!
TranslationShocking No Breathing!
Theme Music
Opening"Rage on"
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End Cards

Makoto struggles to reach out to Rei in the rough seas. Haruka notices Rei and Makoto gone and spots them in the ocean. While Haruka catches Makoto, Nagisa goes out to save Rei. A huge wave crashes on Nagisa. Moments later, Haruka arrives on shore with Makoto. With Makoto breathing weakly, Haruka attempts to do CPR, but he stops when Makoto wakes up to cough out water. Makoto tells Haruka that he wanted to start the swim club, so he can swim with everyone. Then, Nagisa and Rei find Makoto and Haruka on the shore. Nagisa explains to Haruka that Rei was out practicing. The four boys find an abandoned lighthouse where they find pineapple mackerel and bottle water, the only food they could find. Afterwards, Nagisa has everyone share stories. Rei shares his embarrassing incident where he left his underwear in the locker room while Haruka describes his first love was a waterfall. Then, Rei asks why Makoto was acting strangely. Even though Haruka doesn't want Makoto to explain, Makoto shares that he is afraid of the ocean.

Back then, Makoto often visit a small town by the harbor where an old fisherman give Makoto, a goldfish. Then, the old fisherman's boat sank on one night. He drowned along with the others. When Nagisa asks why Makoto went with them on the trip, Makoto replies that he wanted to swim with everyone. With everyone, they can do anything. Outside, the rain stops. Nagisa and the others gaze upon the beautiful stars.

Next day, Makoto and the others swim back to the beach. Meanwhile, Rin spots his old classmates swimming towards him. Exhausted, Makoto and the others rest on the beach. Miho and Gou try to wake up the boys for practice.

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